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Monday, March 2, 2009

Tea dying project complete!

Well I actually managed to complete my tea dying project. Although not a difficult thing to do it was time consuming as I was tea dying pillows with the stuffing in them. I am pleased with the result but I think the next time I would just spray them. It took FOREVER for them to dry. This is what they looked like before...white eyelet throw pillows.

And this is after I tea dyed them!I prefer the after much better! They are actually a little darker than they look in the pic. I have a matching comforter that I am going to do...when the weather is warmer and I can take it outside and spray it.

I wanted to show you all a pic of my house taken in 1905. The people we bought it from left us a copy of this newspaper photo. As you can see it had beautiful trees around it(most were lost in a hurricane)and a front porch! We love the look of the front porch and it will definately be a future project to add it back on. I cant imagine why anyone would tear it off! You can see a pic of the house as it stands now in my first post. Thanks for reading!


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  1. The pillows turned out great Sis! I can't wait to see the picture of them finished and on the bed.

    Its neat to have the picture of how the house looked. You should frame it!

    Have you ordered that passport yet???