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Thursday, March 19, 2009

A couple redos!

Today I wanted to do some things for me. Its been March break from school here and since both my son and husband are home its kind of been all about them this week. I took today off from work and decided to do a couple of redos! The first one is very special to me. Debbie( my sis) over at Goat Creek Bakery made this for me probably around the time I married Dave. Its hard to tell in the pic but it has a blue background and the frame is just plain. It hangs above my fireplace mantle. Well I no longer have anything blue and decided to make the background just black and to paint the frame. I painted it black with antique white over that and then sanded it and added an antiquing gel(we cant get briwax here). I love the way it turned out and the pics dont do it justice at all but it is back in its home all redone just for me!! Now if I could just convince Dave to let me paint the wood behind it and get rid of the ugly lights!!

Th second redo today was a mirror I decided to change ...again! Its been about 3 different colors now and originally was white with flowers on it! I almost forgot to take a before pic so as you can see I had started to paint it black already....

It was yellow and had been done to match my bathroom in my other house. We have been here three years now and it has just sat since it didnt match anything. I decided it should be black too. So I painted it and sanded it and again added the antiquing gel. I love how it turned out and it will find a place in my bathroom again as soon as the walls are painted.Just a couple small projects for the day but very rewarding for me. Its not often I take time out for myself. Im a busy working,hockey,basketball mom and wife. My life revolves around my two men these days with not much time left for me. Since Dave lost his job over a year ago and went back to school I have had to pick up the financial slack so to speak. Some days it isnt easy and I am tired and frustrated and even angry that I have to do everything that is on my plate. The weight on my shoulders is heavy and I hope to see the light of day soon. All in all...taking just a few hours today to do those little things for myself made me feel a little less stressed. Tomorrow it is off on a road trip for hockey. The last one of the year...I love to watch Aidan play...but Im sure glad when the season ends! Hope you all had a great day and are looking forward to the weekend. Im off to read some posts!


  1. Hi Holli,
    Great the mirror with the black frame!! Hope you have fun on your road trip to watch your son play hockey and I hope his team wins.

  2. I love the redos Sis! Where's the light? *lol* I can't wait for you to get here to help me out with a few. I get to spend three glorious days with DH, trying to get the painting all done and hopefully the floors cleaned and ready to move stuff in. I have a good size list going. I hope he can keep up!

    Tell Aidan "Aunt Debbie" says Good Luck!

    Stay Safe,