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Friday, January 29, 2010

There's *SNOW* place like home!

Yes we actually got some snow....not near what they had forcasted but maybe 3 or 4 inches. I love being home by the fire when it is snowy and cold outside. Harley is watching all the little birds outside while he is inside nice and warm.

This is my car from my upstairs office window...thru the screen. Lord I am such a great photographer! I was supposed to leave this morning on a 3 hour trek for work. But the roads at the other end of the province are much worse and it is windy with white out conditions. Needless to say I wont be going far!
I think I will make a stew in my crockpot this morning and maybe find something crafty to do later. I was hoping to get back to my bathroom redo but I need my hubby's help with the wallpaper and he and my son are off to work at noon. Hope you are all having a great day. Im off to do that stew and read a few blogs!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Check out this giveaway!

I found another great blog to read and she is having a giveaway too. BONUS!! Go on over and visit Shabby Kat Primitives and see what she has to offer. While your there sign up for her give away!

Its a beautiful sunny day here in Nova Scotia and I am at my second job working in the gift shop. Today I am gathering anything red I can find in here and doing a Valentines display for her. She loves when I am in here because she isnt all that creative with her merchandising! Plus it gives me something to do to keep busy.

Hope you all have a great weekend. I will get to work this week and post some pics and maybe finish that bathroom redo!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Yummy Recipe!

Doesnt this look good???? As you can see I didnt get a picture before my son and husband got into it! The recipe is Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars and you can find it on Kris' blog...Simply Prim. Thanks Kris for a great recipe...we love it! Kind of a dreary Monday here...overcast and looking like snow. I was up and gone early with my son to the orthodonist. Now Im home doing paperwork and trying to get motivated to clean up around here. I have so much to do and yet here I sit reading all of your blogs and procrastinating! I hope you are all having a more productive day than me. Enjoy the recipe...Im off to at least TRY to make myself useful today!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Blanket,My Teddy and Me!

Happy Saturday everyone! I just wanted to show you a very special gift my mom made for me. This is a stitchery I admired in a shop we visited,my mom new the lady well and she got the pattern and made me one! I just love him and cant wait to get him framed and on my bedroom wall. Part of the reason it is so special is the quilt that is around it. As most of you know I have a beloved Golden retriever, Pearse...well my brother is the owner of Pearse's momma. Her name is Maggie and she is beautiful too. The quilt belonged to Maggie when she was a puppy and was her *baby* blanket. Yes we are crazy about our animals! So when my mom was looking for a quilt to use around the edge my brother and Maggie *donated* her old baby blanket.

I was a little overwhelmed of course at the thought put into this by all three of them. As you can see it has been tea stained and my brother is also making me a frame for it from old barn wood but first mom is adding another row of quilt to the sides. We decided it needed to be a little wider. I just love it!!!
Hope you all have a great weekend.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Giveaway or three!!!

I just found a few new blogs(well new to me) to read! And guess what some are having a giveaway. Stop by and check out One Simple Country Girl. Join her blog and have a chance to win her giveaway. Also having a giveaway is The Old cupboard Door .

And last but not Least but far..... Willow Bend Prims has an awesome giveaway as well!

Have a great day,


Thursday, January 7, 2010

18 years ago today.....

....this goofball was born! Yup my one and only son is 18 today. He came into the world at 9lbs and 10 ozs. and I have been feeding his bottomless pit ever since. He is now 6 ft tall and 220 lbs and truly my greatest accomplishment and the very best thing to come from my marriage to his dad. I dont know what I am going to do when he goes off to college next year. This is a couple pics from his work Christmas party.
As you can see he is always a commedian....they were bowling that night and I guess he kept them laughing the whole night.

Happy Birthday Aidan...I love you and I am so proud to have you for a son!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A little help please!!

I am STILL working on that bathroom redo! When we got started we ran into a few snags as usual in an old house. We also decided to do a little more than originally anticipated. The idea was to just get rid of the ugly flowered wall paper that was on one wall and just use a plain green to match the *fake* tile walls. Well we liked it so much I went and bought more wallpaper and we are covering all the tile board...oh my what a pleasant difference! So we are getting there but I need an opinion. I bought a valance for the window...I know the pics are dark but Im hoping you can see enough to comment. That is with one valance across...not really enough to gather it at all....but too much to have it just straight across. Should I leave it? Or get another one to match so it is fuller? What do you think????
I couldnt resist showing you how the cabinets turned out. I am VERY pleased with then done black. Took me about an hour an they were painted,sanded and stained!! If you look back to my previous post you can see what they looked like. We are now playing with the idea of doing the counter top with the granite-like stuff you can put on. My temporary bathroom fix up is getting more intense Looking forward to your opinions and suggestions! Have a great day!


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Out with the old......

In with the New!! Yes I am attempting a small redo on my ugly bathroom until we can do what we REALLY want with this area of our old house. As you can see it is really dated and it is the one room I have hated since I moved in here. My husband just wanted me to leave it until we could afford the major reno but I cant stand it any longer!
Above is the sink and counter top and of course in this picture and the one below you can see the stairs! Yes we have stairs in our bathroom! This room is off the kitchen(YUCK!) and would have originally been a pantry. Our house had a maids quarters and those stairs would have lead to her room so she didnt use the main stairs as she was a servant. Now they are closed off at the top but no one ever removed them and we wont either. Long term plan is to change the shape of the bathroom a little and the stairs will be opened up again and come down into a short hallway. Bathroom door will also open up on the hallway. In the mean time I have to figure out what to do with them! Next is the bathtub- shower area which is staying as is for now. I think eventually it will be a stand up corner shower as we already have a big old claw-foot tub in the upstairs bathroom.
The *throne* crammed in the corner is also staying put for now. As you can see the whole room has lovely fake tile board. Not much I can do with this for now so when you cant change with it!
Below is a sneak peek of how it looks so far....just some colors and textures to give you an idea what Im up to....I had hoped to finish up today but a snow storm has me halted for the time being!
Another one....
And the last little peek!!
I hope everyone is having a good day and a great start to their New Year! I am excited to continue my project and show you all my progress. And since I made my hubby help me on New Years Day I told him its like the saying...what you do on New Years Day you will do the rest of the year....I had a plan.... he will be doing home reno's all year! So far this one has cost me $28...thats the best part!!

Happy Saturday everyone!


Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New year!

I am so glad to see 2009 go...I know I shouldnt wish my life away but it was not a good year for me and I am ready for a new one! We spent a quiet night at home last night watching movies and of course with me worrying about my son being out with friends. he is no worse for the wear today and I made it thru as well.

Today I made a nice roast beef dinner in the crock pot and I have a project on the go I hope to share with you tomorrow if I manage to finish. Lets just say I have kept hubby hopping helping me today! Im excited to finish but have to wait to pick up a little something tomorrow to complete. Hope you all had a great day.

Wishing you all health and Happiness.