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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Its Official!!!!

I am the proud owner of..... A PASSPORT!!! Yes folks I can now travel again which means I get to visit Debbie! Make my bed sis Im coming to see you! In Canada we have not had to have a passport if we were driving across the border to the US. But due to alot of changes we now have to have one as of the first of June. So thats my good news for the day!
Its a beautiful spring day here and Im planning to go outside! There are lots of leaves to rake now that its drying up in the yard. Dave gets to finally take the winter tires off my car. So it will be a clean up kind of day. Hope everyone has a great sunny day!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lots to do!!

Well my husband finished his first year of school yesterday and starts his work term Monday. He is taking his Internet technology Degree.... you see...he lost his job a little over a year ago and couldnt get another one. Even though he had been an IT manager with close to 20 years experience he didnt have that little piece of paper he needed to say he was able to do the job..UGH! So Congrats Dave on one year down! One more year of school for him and financial tightness for us! Other than that...things are about to get going around my house. Since he is done school I am going to pile some projects on him. Last year we tore off our back porch and replaced it. Well almost! It still needs steps off the back end and some railings which will be getting done ASAP.Here are a few pics of that project. This is when we got everything tore off....only to find a very rotten sill plate that had to be replaced all along that side of the house. No wonder it was drafty and the door was uneven!
New Sill plate in.... and a start of tearing off the old cracked siding. Eventually we will take it all off and go back to the wood shingles.This is as far as they got last fall;no railings and temporary steps. but at least I had a way to get in my back door. Hopefully in the next couple weeks it will be finished so my flowers wont get ruined as they come up!!Sometimes I think we will always be in transition...but I do love my big old house! Have a happy Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What a Day!

Well today has turned into a very busy and eventful(not in a good way) kinda day!! This morning I left home with Aidan my 17 year old son to take him to a dentist appointment,a consult about his wisdom teeth being removed and then this afternoon an orthodonist follow up! This is last September before the braces came off. Isnt he handsom??
On the way in I had planned to stop at a friends work so she could sign my passport papers as a guarantor. When I got to her office she was out on a job site and I had to go there...then she didnt know her passport number which we needed..UGH! So .... we left to go to the dentist and consult and made plans to meet her for lunch to finish filling out the papers. On the way to the dentist I passed a police car sitting on the side of the road and yes I was SPEEDING! And YES he sure did give me a ticket! To the tune of $222.00!! I was so mad at myself because I do know better and I really just wasnt paying attention. On top of that ticket he issued me another one for $1247.00 because my insurance card had expired. Now I do have a new one and if I show proof of it they disregard the ticket. Again my stupidity for not having it in the car so I have to make a trip to the police station. We finally got Aidan to the dentist and then met my friend for lunch. From there I went to the passport office with only 2 hours until I had to have Aidan at the orthodonist. I had heard horror stories about people waiting 3 and 4 hours to get their passport papers filed and I was scared it would be too long of a wait and I would have to come back. I looked at my number and it was 131...when I looked at the board they were serving 128!! I was only in there about 15 minutes and I will have a passport in 14 days! Im coming to visit sis!!(Debbie from Goat Creek) Off we went to the orthodonist with a little time to spare for shopping! I went to Maryannes one of my favorite places to pick up things! I came home with these two cute little sheep.
I think they have found a place on my shelf over my bed. Now I just need to move all the other crap that seems to accumulate there! The shelf itself was a gift from my mom. It is actually an old footboard from a bed that a friend of hers turned upside down and then made into a shelf. I love it! The flash blurred the words but it says Always Kiss me good night.

We finally made it home after his appointment at 3:30 this afternoon. Just in time for me to make dinner and send him off to work his part time job. After dinner I did up the dishes,my sister called and stopped in for a few minutes and now I am finally sitting down to post and read!! What a day!! Hope you all had a good Wednesday!


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

A little easter Funny for you....ever wonder how those poor chocolate bunnies feel???Well even though I can still see those pretty crocus(a tiny purple one in this pic)...the weather isnt quite as nice as it was friday. They had forcasted that dreaded snow AGAIN....but so far it has just been rain. Good thing I raked some the other day because now the ground is too wet to do much.
Yesterday I cooked a chicken in my crockpot with lots of veggies and made hubby a banana loaf since thats something he loves and the bananas were going bad! I worked on my stitchery and finally finished it. Now I just need to tea dye it and decide if I am framing it or making a little pillow. I also started another one but I am out of a few colors of floss I need so that will have to wait until I get to the store. Today I am home alone I thought I would like having the weekend to myself with my husband and son working or off somewhere each I think Im getting bored! I must be crazy....I cant be bored with everything I have to do! I hope everyone has a great Easter and remembers to eat chocolate in moderation...HA!

Friday, April 10, 2009

I found Spring!

Today is a beautiful sunny day here in Nova Scotia and I decided to go outside for a bit and rake away some of the dead leaves and debris from winter. Underneath wet and in some places still frozen....I found SPRING!
My tiger lilies are starting to come up and I have crocus in bloom. Yup thats my big shadow trying to take a pic of the lilies coming up!
Amazing when a week ago we had snow! I took Pearse,my best friend, outside with me and had to tie him on because he was wandering off while I worked. This is him on the back can see where we started to remove the old siding to reveal the wood shingles underneath. Hopefully that will happen this year. Looks rather messy in the progress but will be worth it in the end!
Good Friday this year has been quiet and peaceful for me. I am home alone and puttering around the yard. Far different from last year when we had to say Good bye to our beloved pet of 12 years Savannah. We miss you girl! Hope everyone is having a good day and that the weather is as nice as it is here.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Catching Up!

Well my work took me to another part of the province this week so Im just home catching up today. I have lots of housework to do today since leaving two men to look after the place never brings good results! In my travels I did stop at *Frenchies* which is kind of like GW I guess. I bought a few things I will share with you later. I havent had time to take pics yet. My baby bro also turned the big 4-0 this week on April 2nd. Happy Birthday Rich! Lots of reading to catch up on all your blogs so Im off to read a little before I tackle the housework! Have a great Saturday everyone!