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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What a Day!

Well today has turned into a very busy and eventful(not in a good way) kinda day!! This morning I left home with Aidan my 17 year old son to take him to a dentist appointment,a consult about his wisdom teeth being removed and then this afternoon an orthodonist follow up! This is last September before the braces came off. Isnt he handsom??
On the way in I had planned to stop at a friends work so she could sign my passport papers as a guarantor. When I got to her office she was out on a job site and I had to go there...then she didnt know her passport number which we needed..UGH! So .... we left to go to the dentist and consult and made plans to meet her for lunch to finish filling out the papers. On the way to the dentist I passed a police car sitting on the side of the road and yes I was SPEEDING! And YES he sure did give me a ticket! To the tune of $222.00!! I was so mad at myself because I do know better and I really just wasnt paying attention. On top of that ticket he issued me another one for $1247.00 because my insurance card had expired. Now I do have a new one and if I show proof of it they disregard the ticket. Again my stupidity for not having it in the car so I have to make a trip to the police station. We finally got Aidan to the dentist and then met my friend for lunch. From there I went to the passport office with only 2 hours until I had to have Aidan at the orthodonist. I had heard horror stories about people waiting 3 and 4 hours to get their passport papers filed and I was scared it would be too long of a wait and I would have to come back. I looked at my number and it was 131...when I looked at the board they were serving 128!! I was only in there about 15 minutes and I will have a passport in 14 days! Im coming to visit sis!!(Debbie from Goat Creek) Off we went to the orthodonist with a little time to spare for shopping! I went to Maryannes one of my favorite places to pick up things! I came home with these two cute little sheep.
I think they have found a place on my shelf over my bed. Now I just need to move all the other crap that seems to accumulate there! The shelf itself was a gift from my mom. It is actually an old footboard from a bed that a friend of hers turned upside down and then made into a shelf. I love it! The flash blurred the words but it says Always Kiss me good night.

We finally made it home after his appointment at 3:30 this afternoon. Just in time for me to make dinner and send him off to work his part time job. After dinner I did up the dishes,my sister called and stopped in for a few minutes and now I am finally sitting down to post and read!! What a day!! Hope you all had a good Wednesday!



  1. Wow, what a day you had! Sorry about the tickets. My hubby got a ticket once because his tags had expired AND I had the stitcker in the front seat of my car.
    Your son is so cute and looks like he would be so sweet!
    BTW, how do you get a passport in 14 days?

  2. Your son is a handsome guy all right. Glad it didn't take long at the passport office.

    What a great idea to turn the headboard upside down and make a shelf. The sheep look perfect there.

  3. *hands on hips* What am I gonna do with you? Did you tell Dave??? When I first read what happened, my first thought was that you weren't going to be able to make the trip down here. I still have your ticket beat but not telling you by how much.... Lets just say I learned my lesson. :)

    Aidan is such a doll. I'm surprised he hasn't got a girlfriend. Better keep your eye on him Sis!


  4. Yeah sis I told Dave....but he had no room to say a word...he got one in December that was more and he was going faster and he DID lose his license!!!