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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pay It Forward Day!

Just a quick post before work this morning....Today is Pay it Forward Day. So think a little extra hard today on what you can do for a friend,neighbour or even a stranger! Pay for the person behind you in the coffee someone carry packages...just do some little thing.

Have a great day everyone!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Where has the time gone???

Its been well over a year since I started my blog! I cant believe I had so much to say and that everyone is still hanging in following my crazy life! In honor of my 100th post I am hosting a giveaway! I also recently got 100 followers! Thank you everyone for hanging in with me and my random house renovations and prim decorating. I have made such wonderful friends and contacts and I love you all! I have been so inspired by each of you in one way or another and I look forward to lots more posts and blogging in the future.

Sooooo I am giving away a great cookbook called *Out of Old Nova Scotia Kitchens*. Since I am one of so few Canadians I thought it was fitting to include a little piece of my home in my giveaway! And its close to Mothers Day so in honor of that a stencilled wood block with #1 Mom. Another wood block with washroom on it....some sunflower bowl fillers that I coffee stained and baked and a cute little prim notepad! I may add one more never know!
Rules are simple....just be a follower of my blog. I would ask that you not post it on your blog as I would like it to be for my followers. New followers are welcome :) and Im not going to limit it to any specific area. I will do a random draw on Mothers Day of everyone who posted here on my 100th post!! Thank you all again and good luck!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Look who I found in my bed!!!

Now how could I make him get down??? Chance,as most of you know, is the latest addition to our family. He was rather timid when we got him and very well mannered. In our house the fur people are quite spoiled. We let them in beds and such things that most families dont. He wasnt quite so sure about this since it was not allowed with his former family. Now....the minute my hubby gets out....he waits to be told he is allowed in. And he curls up...head on the pillow just like one of us! I think he is adorable!

I want to thank all of you for your kind comments on my new hairstyle. I have tried to get a better pic of the red and blonde hilites but so far no luck!

Oh and for those of you who have asked...sorry April cowboy is mine allll mine!! I may be married...but I can still dream!

I am working a trade show for the next couple days with my boss... gonna be a lonnnngggg few days. Will check in when I can. ALMOST ready for my giveaway!!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A New Do!

Yes thats me....I usually hide from pics but since I got a new hair do I decided to share a *ME* pic today! Of course you cant really tell that there are blonde and red hilights in the hair and I look soooo tired because it was at the end of a 12 hour day! Oh but look there is my April cowboy on the calendar behind me... hehe!

Then when I got home my husband told me he had something for me....ok you have to understand thats kind of scarey....cause he doesnt shop much and last time he brought me something it was his mother and she has been here a year in May!!! NOT a good gift! So he handed me this cute little raggedy....she isnt handmade but she is cute and I love that he thought about going to my favorite Prim shop to buy me something. Her dress says *Sweet Souls Surround Us.* He also bought the little iron tricycle she is sitting on. I have to find a place for her cause right now she is sitting on my desk!
Almost ready to reveal my 100th post giveaway!! I cant believe Im still doing this...I thought I wouldnt have anything to say and you all would be bored! Talk to you soon.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Two Crows Joy??

Isnt that how the saying goes??? Well I can tell you these two Crows brought me lots of joy today!
I was away working for a couple days and stopped in to my moms of course since it is on my way. She had bought me the cute crow sitting back on his butt. I just love it! He has rusty wire twisted for legs and even though he is kinda sad looking I love him!

Then when I got home I stopped at the post office and I had a package. I had ordered a crow from a wonderful lady named Beryl. I first saw it on a blog called Porch Sitting time and when I inquired was given Beryls email since she doesnt have a blog! So if you would like to see more of Beryls things you can check them out there. The first pic shows it best and thank you Beryl I just love it!
I am off to file reports and send in orders from my 2 days of work! Hope everyone is having a great week.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Remember this????

That cute stitchery is all mine! In all my excitement of my son coming home from Europe I ALMOST forgot to post this! Last week I went for the mail and I had a package. I thought it might have been something I ordered but was this great stitchery I won from Doreen at Prives& Prims Blog. She makes some really great things so go on over and check out her selling blog or Etsy shop.

Thank you so much Doreen for hosting a giveaway and for sending it all the way to Nova Scotia to me! I will make sure to show you all where I decide to hang it. Right now my kitchen is a mess and no camera is going near it!!

I am out of town working for a couple days so I hope to post my giveaway for my 100th post when I get back! Have a great week!


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Italian and Austrian!

I am just super thrilled today to have my son back on Canadian soil! And he spoiled me!! We are very close and sometimes I think he is growing up and not going to remember he still needs me but wow he sure surprised me when he got home. I love red and especially have a thing for red purses. Aidan brought me this beautiful Italian leather purse that he picked out all on his own in Italy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!
Then he pulls out this Swarovski crystal necklace as if the purse wasnt enough! When they were in Austria they visited the biggest Swarovski store in Europe. I also have a thing for lime green....and I am still in awe that he thought about that!
So after all my worrying....he is home safe and sound and I am so proud that I have raised such a thoughtful young man. His dad and I divorced when he was just 5 and I think that has made the bond between him and I so much stronger. Even though I have been remarried for 10 years this summer he and I remain as close as if it has always been just the two of us. I am truly going to be lost when he goes off to university this fall but at the same time ever so proud of the man he has become.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Color....and a Beautiful Nose!

Well I was supposed to share these pics with you last weekend! Better late than never right? These are beautiful yellow crocus in my yard...look at the sun shining on them? Isnt that such a pretty sight? We uncovered them a little more when we raked leaves last weekend.
And then there is the purple ones, such a brilliant color. I just love it when spring starts to wake everything up! Makes me feel like smiling more after a long winter. I hope it warms up again since the temp dropped the past few days. I would like to work in the yard again this weekend!
And last but not least I had to share this beautiful nose! Thats Chance sound asleep with his soft nose resting on my hubby's arm...yup...right in the middle of our bed!! I think he is so sweet and I am so glad I adopted him. And yes we sure do spoil our fur babies!
Speaking of son arrives home from his trip to Europe tomorrow evening! I am so dang excited to get him home!! He called today and said the trip was simply amazing. A local reporter actually called one of the moms and wants to interview the 6 kids from our small town that went(25 in total were on the trip). He is meeting us at the airport when the kids arrive. I hope you all have had a good week. I will try to post sometime this weekend again.
Happy Friday!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Post # 93?!

Wow....Im getting close to that 100th post mark!! You all know what that means...stayed tuned for a giveaway soon!!! I didnt think I would ever get this far.

Its a beautiful sunny day here in Nova Scotia and hubby and I are both off work today. So I am about to kick his butt outside with me to continue clearing away the winter mess in our yard. Still a little wet to get in the back yard but lots of raking and clearing to do in the front! I will take some pics and share with you in the next couple days.

My son left Germany today and is on his way to Venice Italy. They will travel thru the Alps via Innsbruck. Two winter Olympics have been held there. He is totally enjoying himself!

Have a great Monday!


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

The Poor bunny!! Hehe....I thought this was a cute cartoon in my sick sense of humor way! I sure hope all of you are having a wonderful Easter weekend and dont have any problems getting your slippers on!
Yesterday I got my son all shipped off on his trip to Europe! Im a little nervous but it will be a great trip for him. His history teacher takes 25 students every year. This year they are going to Italy,Switzerland,Austria and Germany. While in Germany they will visit Dachau,a WWII Nazi concentration camp, and my son being so into history was excited about this! They have of course studied global history in school and he did a project on this and got 99%.

For me the highlight of the trip would be Swiss chocolate! Im kidding....Im sure they will enjoy everything. I cant wait for him to get back next Saturday though. I miss him already and it is so quiet here.

Well Im off to work at the gift shop. I volunteered to work the weekend because I know she will be busy and her other part time employee is on the trip with my son! Have a great day everyone and Happy Easter! Hope the bunny finds you!