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Friday, November 27, 2009

Some goodies for me and a giveaway!

Well on my way to work at the gift shop today I stopped to pick up my mail and was so excited to get the package of Prim goodies I ordered from Carmen at Waxed out Creative Life! I took some pics to share with you and I was wishing they were like those old *scratch and sniff* papers! Carmen everything is great and it all smells soooo good!!! Thank you again for shipping to me.

I also wanted to mention to you all to go check out Deb's giveaway at Goat Creek. Even though I secretly hope I win because I want those recipes I think you all should participate! I have had the opportunity to taste her cooking and she makes very tastey things!

I am always mentioning that I am working at a gift shop and even though its not prim I thought I would share a few pics of where I am blogging from today. Some of them turned out a little blurry but it will give you an idea of what we sell here.

Above is one of the windows with some Christmas ornaments hanging on it. Most are made by local artisans. Alot of wood things!

This Santa is made of a pine cone and a piece of drift wood that people collect from the seashores of Nova Scotia. There is another one below but for some reason the pics didnt load together!Every woman loves purses and scarves!! My favorite corner of the store.

I dont know if you can read the night shirt or not but it says..... *A Canadian Winter Coat is not shaving your legs from Thanksgiving to Easter* hehe!

Hope you enjoyed the little tour! Have a great weekend everyone.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing all my wonderful American friends a very Happy Thanksgiving! Wish I was eating turkey dinner today but Im going to be working until 9 tonight doing a Christmas cosmetic Gala at one of the stores. All part of my but so tiring! See you all soon!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Olympic History for me!!!

WOW!! Thats all I can say! I dont usually get too excited over the Olympics or professional sports but today is very different. In our little small town of Stewiacke Nova Scotia the Olympic relay passed thru this morning. It was so very exciting.

A little History....Stewiake's *claim to fame* is being the halfway point between the North Pole and the Equator. We also have a replica of a Mastodon,known as Marvin, here and there were mastodon bones unearthed in a local gypsum mine a few years ago. The bones went to the natural history museum and a replica was build here and named Mastodon ridge park. The pic is the torches *kissing* in front of Marvin.
The other pic is me with a young girl who ran with the torch as well. Each runner goes only about 300 meters and they light the next torch from theirs. If they want to keep the torch they have to pay for it...about $400! But who wouldnt want it?? Think of the history and memories to pass down for generations to come!!

So that was my start to the day! No Prim stuff to share but a wonderful memory! Have a great day everyone!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

I have a Rooster!!

Ok not really...but check out my new header! My sis over at Goat creek took this picture and thought it would be great for my header. I love it!! Thanks Debbie!

Not much to share this morning as its early and Im getting ready for work. My husband is hopefully recovered from the flu both him and my son had so he can work on the steps for the back porch. Winter is fast approaching and we still have one set of steps to complete on the new porch deck. Since he had a couple days off school I thought I would put him to work...then the flu hit!

Yesterday I stacked wood and threw in some more and today my body is feeling it! I also picked up all the pumpkins and some leaves and discarded of them,baked chocolate chip cookies,did laundry and made some yummy chicken for supper. It was a busy day and now back to work for today. Of course I will leave hubby a list....still lots of projects he can do!!

Have a great day everyone!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It doesnt take but one word to say what needs to be said for today....and every day for that matter. REMEMBER...... Remember those who have fought for our freedom in the past and those who still fight today. Remember the lives lost and the sacrifices families had to make for us. Whether American or Canadian we live in a free country and freedom is seldom free,it comes with a price and for some people that was the ultimate sacrifice to give us what we have today. I thought I would share a few photos I found from Nov.11,2008 in Halifax,Nova Scotia.
They shall not grow old as we who are left grow old. Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.

Veterans Motorcycle club.....

I also have another reason to remember today. My sister,Kelly, has this special day as a birthday! Happy birthday Kel....we went out for dinner last night with a whole group of girls and it was great. A nice Irish Pub and the food was fantastic.
I hope everyone has a great day and finds time not only today but every day to remember to thank a Veteran!


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Prim shopping party!

I mentioned in my last post I was going to a shopping party at a new Prim shop I discovered a month or so ago. It was great! We were all entered for a draw for a $50 gift card which I didnt win but of course I shopped anyways! I got this great sign that I am going to hang over my diningroom door I think....unless I change my mind and put it elsewhere.

I also bought these cute little ornies. I loved them and thought they would look good on my skinny tree! I know I could make them myself but I really just dont have the time and these were a good price.

The owner of the shop had also made two cheese balls from mixes she sells there. We bought a salsa cabana one as that is the one we tried and it was so good! Very spicy but we like hot spicy things. All in all it was a good evening and I even picked out some christmas presents for my husband to buy me! He better take the hint and go back and get them!

Today I am working at the gift shop and it is soon time to go home. Its a cool but sunny day in Nova snow yet. I hope you have all had a good weekend. Time for me to go home by the fire!


Friday, November 6, 2009

Belated Fall pics and Prim Winter goodies!

Oh I have been so slack getting to this lately!! But Im back and going to cram a few things into this post! Last night my sons grad class held an auction to help fund their safe grad party in the spring. There were lots of fun things donated and of course we all spent our money to help them. I came home with this great basket full of prim winter ornaments. I was so excited to have the winning bid!As you can see Harley decided he liked the basket and I had to keep chasing him out of it to get some pics! I will have to get a cushion made for the basket so he can have a new bed I guess! I couldnt get the pics to do what I wanted on here today so they are kind of backwards! Another picture of Harley enjoying the big new basket! I might even be able to part with a few of these and give them to my mom or sister for Christmas.

I took these pics last week when we did our pumpkins for halloween and they are just making it to my blog now! My son Aidan helped me and we carved 3 in total. I didnt get any pics of my fall decorating inside and very soon my Christmas will go up. My favorite time of year!

I decided to be different and give this guy a funky nose. It got varying comments....most not fit to be posted about! LOL!
The pic of all three of them came out blurry. I sooooo need a new camera but I just cant bear to spend the money for it right now. Maybe Santa will bring me a better one!

Tonight I am attending a Christmas shopping party at the New little craft shop I posted about a few weeks back. They are going to have specials and freebies and draws for prizes. I am just hoping the storm they are calling for holds off. Its been snowing a little here and there all day but nothing major...well not enough to keep me home! I will take my camera and hopefully I will get to take a few pics.
Other than that lately my life has been consumed with work and hockey with my son. We have two upcoming tournaments so I will soon become the travelling hockey mom for the last season....after this year he is too old to play minor hockey and will be off to university. I actually think I might miss it....even though its such a busy time of year!
Hope everyone has a great day and I will try to keep up from now on!