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Friday, November 27, 2009

Some goodies for me and a giveaway!

Well on my way to work at the gift shop today I stopped to pick up my mail and was so excited to get the package of Prim goodies I ordered from Carmen at Waxed out Creative Life! I took some pics to share with you and I was wishing they were like those old *scratch and sniff* papers! Carmen everything is great and it all smells soooo good!!! Thank you again for shipping to me.

I also wanted to mention to you all to go check out Deb's giveaway at Goat Creek. Even though I secretly hope I win because I want those recipes I think you all should participate! I have had the opportunity to taste her cooking and she makes very tastey things!

I am always mentioning that I am working at a gift shop and even though its not prim I thought I would share a few pics of where I am blogging from today. Some of them turned out a little blurry but it will give you an idea of what we sell here.

Above is one of the windows with some Christmas ornaments hanging on it. Most are made by local artisans. Alot of wood things!

This Santa is made of a pine cone and a piece of drift wood that people collect from the seashores of Nova Scotia. There is another one below but for some reason the pics didnt load together!Every woman loves purses and scarves!! My favorite corner of the store.

I dont know if you can read the night shirt or not but it says..... *A Canadian Winter Coat is not shaving your legs from Thanksgiving to Easter* hehe!

Hope you enjoyed the little tour! Have a great weekend everyone.



  1. Hi Holli~ I'm glad everything made it to you safely! That looks like a wonderful shop:)

  2. Thanks for posting pictures of the gift shop. Its nice to have a visual picture of where you are when we are chatting. :) BTW... I love the nightshirt! I tell Wendell that is part of my winter coat here! hehe

    I will definately need to check out Carmen's site. I have been wanting to get some tarts for melting. I love that type of thing.

    Take care and thank you for the plug to my giveaway. It hasn't had a big response so chances of winning are good!


  3. Hi Holli,
    Stop by my site for a little surprise. Hugs, Loretta from Under the Wild Cherry Trees