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Friday, November 6, 2009

Belated Fall pics and Prim Winter goodies!

Oh I have been so slack getting to this lately!! But Im back and going to cram a few things into this post! Last night my sons grad class held an auction to help fund their safe grad party in the spring. There were lots of fun things donated and of course we all spent our money to help them. I came home with this great basket full of prim winter ornaments. I was so excited to have the winning bid!As you can see Harley decided he liked the basket and I had to keep chasing him out of it to get some pics! I will have to get a cushion made for the basket so he can have a new bed I guess! I couldnt get the pics to do what I wanted on here today so they are kind of backwards! Another picture of Harley enjoying the big new basket! I might even be able to part with a few of these and give them to my mom or sister for Christmas.

I took these pics last week when we did our pumpkins for halloween and they are just making it to my blog now! My son Aidan helped me and we carved 3 in total. I didnt get any pics of my fall decorating inside and very soon my Christmas will go up. My favorite time of year!

I decided to be different and give this guy a funky nose. It got varying comments....most not fit to be posted about! LOL!
The pic of all three of them came out blurry. I sooooo need a new camera but I just cant bear to spend the money for it right now. Maybe Santa will bring me a better one!

Tonight I am attending a Christmas shopping party at the New little craft shop I posted about a few weeks back. They are going to have specials and freebies and draws for prizes. I am just hoping the storm they are calling for holds off. Its been snowing a little here and there all day but nothing major...well not enough to keep me home! I will take my camera and hopefully I will get to take a few pics.
Other than that lately my life has been consumed with work and hockey with my son. We have two upcoming tournaments so I will soon become the travelling hockey mom for the last season....after this year he is too old to play minor hockey and will be off to university. I actually think I might miss it....even though its such a busy time of year!
Hope everyone has a great day and I will try to keep up from now on!


  1. Love the goodies you got in your basket...including adorable Harley!!
    Can't wait to hear the shopping party at the craft store. I'm going to a prim shop's Holiday open house tomorrow morning and then another one on Thursday evening...always love the sales, door prizes and little gifts that they give out.

  2. Lucky you! I can't believe he is going to be graduating. I can still remember the first time I met Aidan and he was teaching me how to pick blueberries.... Gee, was he 3 or 4? :)

    You'll have to tell me how big the bottom of the basket is. I may have something here I can help Harley out with.

    The ornies are cute. I still need to make some here for christmas.

    Take care Sis and hope you can make it to the party tonight.


  3. LOL, love the pumpkins! What is it with cats and baskets anyway, that is so funny!!!!!

  4. Its hard to tell from the pics how big everything is....The basket is quite large sis I will measure it! They are some good sized wall ornaments that I got!

  5. I can imagine how big the basket is if Harley is anything like Tabitha. So when are the holiday decorations going up?