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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Prom night!

Well here I go talking about my son again! He doesnt graduate this year but was kind enough to take a friend to her prom. He looked so handsom in the tux! I guess this is my trial run for next year when he graduates. They all looked so nice....boys DO clean up well occassionally. The pic above is him and I.

They do what they call a prom march and they all come out into the little ampitheatre and line up in a semi circle for pics. This is Aidan and Mariah walking out. Her dress was beautiful.Lastly this is a pic of the guys from the basketball team. There are 4 leaving this year. Aidan of course will remain for one more year. Im so not ready to send him off to college in a year!

Basically Prom has consumed our life for the past week or so. It rained for 4 days and it is so hot and humid now it is unbearable. And momma is like a bear! I hope to get so cool air soon! Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Light redo finally and flower gardens!

Finally....this is the light I took down in the front hall and painted black. Well....I took it all apart and painted it black. It used to have etched glass panels on it as well. I hated it! Now it is a plain simple light just like I wanted! I also rolled the white parts in cinnamon!

I tried to get a couple pics of my gardens this week ...everything has just taken off! My iris seems to be early this year for this area anyways. They usually get much taller but they are already blooming. There are more to come out but with all the nice warm sun we have had the past few days that wont take long.

Im not sure what these little white flowers are. Its a bulb of some sort that comes up every year. When we bought this house it was like a great surprise in spring because there were periennial flowers coming up everywhere! These were hidden way under some old trees and brush we cleaned out so I moved them last year to a more visible place! They are not actually attached to the big leaves you see there....those are my violets that have already bloomed and are gone.Every year when this Hosta comes up I remind myself it needs to be split up....and every year it is too late by the time I get to it! Maybe next year! It is huge! I am hoping to split it and use it as a border on either side of our front walk way. Thats the plan anyways!

Well Im off to work after a grueling 12+ hour day yesterday I was hoping for a break but it doesnt look like that is coming. I guess I shouldnt complain at least I have a job in this recession and we sure do need it! Have a great day everyone!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mom of a president??

Happy Monday morning everyone! Seems every time I get to post on here lately it is about my son!! Yes thats him with the lovely smile! I am a very proud mom at the best of times. He is my one and only and such a good kid. He goes in the his final year of school in the fall and was just voted Grad class president! Being the fun kid that he is....he sends me a text message from school. It says...*Who would have thought you would have given birth to a president??*. I thought it was so cute.

Today will be a clean up day around here and I so hope to get outside in my gardens. I havent been doing many *crafty* things lately and that tends to be the norm for me in the summer. I hope everyone has a great week and the weather is good. We have lots of sunny days forcasted ahead. Summer finally!! Talk to you all soon. Holli

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Special Friends

While I was in Missouri Deb and I visited another friend from the Frugal Village website. We have both already blogged about this but today she forwarded me the pic off her camera. Its not a bad one of the three of us so I wanted to add it to mine. At least it isnt blurry like all mine!! Things have settled down a bit since I got home. Today Pearse(my beloved best friend and golden retriever)and I are making a trip to the vet. He needs a check up and his flea meds updated. I worked this morning and it was easier than the past two days so I guess Im getting back into the swing of things. I hope to get outside this evening if the bugs arent too bad to do some gardening. My flower beds are looking bad! I need to get everything up to my standards so the neighbours dont think Im slacking. hehe! Hopefully my new dishwasher will be installed tonight and I can save myself some much needed time not having to stand and do them all by hand. Oh how spoiled we get! Hope everyone is having a nice sunny day! Here is our picture!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Well back to the grind....

Im home....ugh!! Im so not ready to go back to work and of course Im tired and missing my sis already! I had such a great time between shopping and yard saling and just relaxing and having someone to talk to! I suspect I gained weight the way I got fed while I was there:) Debbie is an awesome cook and Wendell is the grill master! I was about to add some pics to this but when I took the few I had on my camera off....they are all blurry :( Ok Deb I need copies of yours! I didnt post at all while I was away as you can see...I just really relaxed and enjoyed my time there. It was great to see my bestest friend and to meet Diana from Frugal Village. We had so many wonderful days together its hard to believe its over. So now....time to start saving pennies Debbie so ya'll can come visit me! Hugs I miss you!