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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Im Leaving.....

Yes thats right I am leaving....on a plane to visit my Sista Debbie from Goat Creek!! I am so excited! We have been planning for awhile and TJ will also be joining us for the memorial day weekend to do the 100 mile yard sale! So if I am missing for awhile well now you will know why.

Travelling with me will be the Prim Pals Crow, Edgar Allen Crow. He and I will begin our journey with some pictures in my home town and then Deb and I will take him on a tour of her area. From there he will go home with TJ and then travel by mail to some of Prim Pals other forum members. If you would like to know more about the adventures of Edgar please have a look at his posts on the forum.
I hope you all have a great week and I will definately fill you in on my trip soon!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bad Blogger,PIF and swap!

Yes I have been a bad blogger!! I have been so busy I just dont seem to find the time to sit down and type. And by the time I get here I am too tired to think! I wanted to share my swap goodies from Michelle at Granny's Pantry. Michelle was my happiness partner at Prim Pals forum for May. I got these awhile ago but my lazy butt didnt get them posted! I LOVE the pineapple penny rug Michelle made me and the candles smell sooo good!She knows Mustard is one of my favorite colors so she made me a cute little bag with a sheep on it and the table runner made like a rag quilt too! Michelle I do love everything and thank you again so much!

I also wanted to mention that awhile back there was a Pay it forward going thru the blogs. I participated in this and although I never did receive anything I have sent all of my Pay it Forward gifts to those who had signed up. Thank you to all the great bloggers who posted about the little gifts I sent. I enjoy giving someone something when they arent expecting it. After all the point is to give...not to get! I do hope everyone received theirs as there were a few I did not hear from.

Prim hugs to all of you...I hope you have a great week!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Eye candy!!

I suppose ya'll were expecting some Prim eye candy....nope cowboys!! Bull Riding kinda Eye Candy! Last Night the PBR made a stop in our town and I had VIP tickets. What a great time. This is me with Zane Lambert he was at the top of the Canadian standings going into the event. And here he is after bucking off his bull in the championship round....not a happy cowboy. This is Rocky MacDonald who is a Mexican bullriding Champion. He was so skinny....Im sure I am double his weight! Terrible pic of me....I think I was talking.
This is Tyler Thompson better known as TNT and he was a winner last night even though he ended up with a nice ole cut on his face and lotsa blood!
And of course nothing would be complete without some cowboy butts! Gotta love em!

I hope all you moms are having a Happy Mothers Day! I sure had a quiet peaceful one and that makes me happy! I promise Prim pics next time! Kitchen is looking good but still lots of work....update on that soon.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Two weddings and a....ok just two weddings!

Traci from York Mountain Mercantile had a post yesterday about her wedding in honor of the Royal wedding *fever* lots of people seem to have! I told Traci I would link up and post my wedding as well. Now as you will notice I look very different in the first pic than I do in the others! Thats cause I was married twice. This pic is one of my most treasured ones of me and my dad. And as you can see skinny little me(way back then) had the big ruffly pouffy dress and all. We had 250 people invited and it was a stressful day. Even though the marriage did not last I have the most wonderful son so I therefore wouldnt change a thing....and I do so love this pic of me and my dad! When I met hubby(still married to this one)he had never been married and had no kids. He was an only child from divorced parents. He didnt want to get married in a traditional way because he simply hates crowds and being the center of attention. So we decided to sneak away on vacation and come back married. the day we left we mailed out invitations to a *celebration of our love* at our house for the week after we returned. Of course everyone thought we were getting married then. We took our time driving and vacationing and along the way were joined by Debbie from Goat Creek and her soon to be hubby. We travelled thru the smokey mountains and into South Carolina eventually. Debbie and hubby were married the day before us in Myrtle Beach. We chose to be married on the beach...bare feet and sand and as my husband says he has bikini babes in the background of his wedding pics....what more could a man want. My dress was a light salmon color and was a crocheted lace. It was simple and suited what I wanted! The highlight of the day for my son..... we went to Hooters for dinner! Yes I had my wedding night dinner at Hooters!

He is so little in this picture!! We spent a few days there after the wedding then travelled up the coast to home. Long trip and alot of driving but I wouldnt change the way we did it at all. It was quiet and peaceful and so relaxing! And I had my best friend(sister by choice) with me! SO there thats my *royal wedding*!!! Anyone else wanna share???