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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Two weddings and a....ok just two weddings!

Traci from York Mountain Mercantile had a post yesterday about her wedding in honor of the Royal wedding *fever* lots of people seem to have! I told Traci I would link up and post my wedding as well. Now as you will notice I look very different in the first pic than I do in the others! Thats cause I was married twice. This pic is one of my most treasured ones of me and my dad. And as you can see skinny little me(way back then) had the big ruffly pouffy dress and all. We had 250 people invited and it was a stressful day. Even though the marriage did not last I have the most wonderful son so I therefore wouldnt change a thing....and I do so love this pic of me and my dad! When I met hubby(still married to this one)he had never been married and had no kids. He was an only child from divorced parents. He didnt want to get married in a traditional way because he simply hates crowds and being the center of attention. So we decided to sneak away on vacation and come back married. the day we left we mailed out invitations to a *celebration of our love* at our house for the week after we returned. Of course everyone thought we were getting married then. We took our time driving and vacationing and along the way were joined by Debbie from Goat Creek and her soon to be hubby. We travelled thru the smokey mountains and into South Carolina eventually. Debbie and hubby were married the day before us in Myrtle Beach. We chose to be married on the beach...bare feet and sand and as my husband says he has bikini babes in the background of his wedding pics....what more could a man want. My dress was a light salmon color and was a crocheted lace. It was simple and suited what I wanted! The highlight of the day for my son..... we went to Hooters for dinner! Yes I had my wedding night dinner at Hooters!

He is so little in this picture!! We spent a few days there after the wedding then travelled up the coast to home. Long trip and alot of driving but I wouldnt change the way we did it at all. It was quiet and peaceful and so relaxing! And I had my best friend(sister by choice) with me! SO there thats my *royal wedding*!!! Anyone else wanna share???


  1. Oh, Holli, I love it, love, love, love it! What a perfect wedding, to be married on a beach and barefootin'...Your dress (well both) are so pretty, love the second ones simplicity.

    The picture of you and your Dad is precious, and your son so handsome, probably much bigger now, huh...

    Thanks for showing your special day! Blessings, Traci

  2. LOVE your beach wedding and Aidan was SO cute!!! My hubby and I got married on valentine's day 1986, he had just gotten out of the Army when I met him the spring before. We didn't want a big wedding either,very small and simple in a church. we had bought our first house so we had a reception/housewarming at our home:) No honeymoon...we both had to be back to our jobs on monday morning!

  3. Wedding night dinner at Hooters...luv it

  4. Lovely weddings, Holli.. Your son sure has grown and you and hubby are still cute...

  5. Holli, love the barefoot in the sand wedding if I ever do it again that is the way I will go too! Hooters only it!

  6. Love your beach wedding and doing it the way you did..I am now married to my 3rd husband and we have been married for 33 years this July 21st...I had 8 sons when he married me ranging in age from 5 to 17 and then we have a daughter and I always say it took 3 husbands for me to get my girl. I could write a book about my weddings (none of them were in Church so at least I saved that expense )
    I sure wouldn't want the whole world to watch me get married..I like it just the way it was :)

  7. You were beautiful then (1st wedding) and you are beautiful now (2nd wedding). Love you girlfriend!
    P.S. I've done it 4 times so the stories I could tell (but won't)!! LOL!