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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Primitive Lighting

A few days ago I was looking at some blogs and of course I go from one to another and my travels thru blog land I came across one where someone was primming up a light fixture. It had wood in the middle and the rest was brass I believe. This talented lady also removed the white plastic pieces made to look like candles and made them grubby looking. I LOVED the result! I also thought I saved the blog....but apparently I did not. I would love to read it again and also want to see if I can re-do my ugly brass light fixtures! If anyone knows the blog I am talking about could you let me know? Thanks!

Its been a quiet saturday for me after I busy week of travelling for work so I dont have much to tell! I did tea dye some white eyelet throw pillows....if they turn out ok I will take pics! And I will also attempt to tea dye the white eyelet comforter that matches them. Have a good weekend everyone!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Inside my old house

Today I thought I would give you a look inside my old house and hopefully get some tips on what I can do with some of the rooms! Maybe I will just start with a few Before and after pics! When we moved in there were *lovely* pink carpets everywhere and the prior owners hadnt cared for them very well to say the least. Plus they had rabbits and cats and dogs they kept inside so needless to say there was a not so pleasant odor to the carpets. This pic is the diningroom before the carpet was removed and the blue paint gone.
The next two are opposite ends of a huge livingroom with a fireplace on the side wall. We figured this had been 2 rooms at one time and when we removed the carpets that was confirmed as the boards went one way in one and and the opposite way in the other.

Now for some *in the process pics*! This is the diningroom again..... when we pulled up the carpet(a friend and I and a bottle of wine) we discovered not lovely hardwood floors like we were hoping but nasty yellow tile! So...being women and already half way thru the wine we decided to keep going. My husband was away at the time and when he called he was scared we would be to the bare floorboards by the time he got home! We got a hammer and a pry bar and proceeded to tear up the tiles and the plywood underlay below it. And we found beautiful old wide plank floors which we sanded and restained in a walnut color.The living room wasnt quite so easy to sand as there were spots with no stain at all and spots where it was almost a black waxy type of stain. Of course thats because many years ago they just stained around the mats!

And of course Pearse HAS to be in the pics!! He wasnt happy with all the noise and dust.

Almost finished.....It was hard to get a good shot of how they looked when they were done but I will add them anyways. The first is the diningroom after the floors and blue paint were gone! And half decorated for Christmas! Floors are not as dark as they look.

Next is a couple pics of the livingroom floors all finished!I have yet to paint the livingroom so any suggestions on colors would be awesome...just no blue! Thanks for looking at the beginning of my old house project.....I have years of work ahead of me!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Family

Today I thought I would just tell you all a little about my family and me! I grew up in the beautiful Annapolis Valley area of Nova Scotia, Canada and I have one sister and a brother. I am the oldest. My dad was an electrician and my mom worked in retail for awhile and as we got older she was a nanny for a family for a number of years. I get my love of crafting and antiques and primitive things from my mom. My grandmother was also always knitting or crocheting something so I guess I come by it naturally. I always wanted a big old house I could renovate and restore so when my husband came home one day with a realtor book and said *Look at this House* ...well the rest is history!
I am married second time around to a man who drives me crazy some days but does share my love of antiques and old homes,etc. We are a good match in many ways and we keep each other on our toes! This is us on our wedding day. We were married on Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.

I have one son who is 17 now and I cant believe he is so grown up. One more year and he is off to! He plays hockey and basketball and yes I am a *hockey mom*!! I spend all winter in the rink and away on tournaments and I love being with him. We have so much fun! This is him going for a Basket!

Last but not least I have two *Fur babies*! Pearse was my 40th birthday present and the best present I ever got. He is my best buddy and knows all my secrets. My loveable 85 pound Golden retriever. This is him with our beloved Savannah who left us last year.

Harley the cat I adopted when we moved to this house and he is probably the most active cat I have ever had. He can jump to the ceiling and gets onto and into everything! Still a little cutie and I love him too!

Well this got kind of long.....but there you have it. My little family! Have a great Saturday everyone.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ok Im what???

Well here I first blog!! Thanks to my sister(by choice) I am now a part of the blogging community. I sure hope I can keep up with this and keep everyone entertained with all my antics and adventures in life. I chose the name Where the Rooster crows because I LOVE roosters! I have lots of different ones in my house...but no real ones! I am in the process of renovating and redecorating a 100+ yr old home. Most likely will be come a lifetime project but will definately be a labour of love. As I go along I will add pics and look for advice and inspiration! Im Excited! It was a good day to start this as we are in the middle of a snow storm. I could be cleaning....or doing something productive but here I sit. Hope the weather is better in other parts of the world than it is here! Im looking forward to spring and getting started on some outdoor projects as well. Happy snowy thursday everyone!