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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Inside my old house

Today I thought I would give you a look inside my old house and hopefully get some tips on what I can do with some of the rooms! Maybe I will just start with a few Before and after pics! When we moved in there were *lovely* pink carpets everywhere and the prior owners hadnt cared for them very well to say the least. Plus they had rabbits and cats and dogs they kept inside so needless to say there was a not so pleasant odor to the carpets. This pic is the diningroom before the carpet was removed and the blue paint gone.
The next two are opposite ends of a huge livingroom with a fireplace on the side wall. We figured this had been 2 rooms at one time and when we removed the carpets that was confirmed as the boards went one way in one and and the opposite way in the other.

Now for some *in the process pics*! This is the diningroom again..... when we pulled up the carpet(a friend and I and a bottle of wine) we discovered not lovely hardwood floors like we were hoping but nasty yellow tile! So...being women and already half way thru the wine we decided to keep going. My husband was away at the time and when he called he was scared we would be to the bare floorboards by the time he got home! We got a hammer and a pry bar and proceeded to tear up the tiles and the plywood underlay below it. And we found beautiful old wide plank floors which we sanded and restained in a walnut color.The living room wasnt quite so easy to sand as there were spots with no stain at all and spots where it was almost a black waxy type of stain. Of course thats because many years ago they just stained around the mats!

And of course Pearse HAS to be in the pics!! He wasnt happy with all the noise and dust.

Almost finished.....It was hard to get a good shot of how they looked when they were done but I will add them anyways. The first is the diningroom after the floors and blue paint were gone! And half decorated for Christmas! Floors are not as dark as they look.

Next is a couple pics of the livingroom floors all finished!I have yet to paint the livingroom so any suggestions on colors would be awesome...just no blue! Thanks for looking at the beginning of my old house project.....I have years of work ahead of me!


  1. Ok, this just confirms it! You have to come to Missouri and help me!!!


  2. WOW-what a difference! I love your floors!!! :) All that hard work (and wine) paid off! ;)

    have a wonderful day-Kath

  3. WOW, beautiful home!
    The floors look amazing!