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Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Family

Today I thought I would just tell you all a little about my family and me! I grew up in the beautiful Annapolis Valley area of Nova Scotia, Canada and I have one sister and a brother. I am the oldest. My dad was an electrician and my mom worked in retail for awhile and as we got older she was a nanny for a family for a number of years. I get my love of crafting and antiques and primitive things from my mom. My grandmother was also always knitting or crocheting something so I guess I come by it naturally. I always wanted a big old house I could renovate and restore so when my husband came home one day with a realtor book and said *Look at this House* ...well the rest is history!
I am married second time around to a man who drives me crazy some days but does share my love of antiques and old homes,etc. We are a good match in many ways and we keep each other on our toes! This is us on our wedding day. We were married on Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.

I have one son who is 17 now and I cant believe he is so grown up. One more year and he is off to! He plays hockey and basketball and yes I am a *hockey mom*!! I spend all winter in the rink and away on tournaments and I love being with him. We have so much fun! This is him going for a Basket!

Last but not least I have two *Fur babies*! Pearse was my 40th birthday present and the best present I ever got. He is my best buddy and knows all my secrets. My loveable 85 pound Golden retriever. This is him with our beloved Savannah who left us last year.

Harley the cat I adopted when we moved to this house and he is probably the most active cat I have ever had. He can jump to the ceiling and gets onto and into everything! Still a little cutie and I love him too!

Well this got kind of long.....but there you have it. My little family! Have a great Saturday everyone.

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  1. I remember your wedding day well.... lol Its amazing how blue that water looks in the pictures, isn't it. We all should plan a trip back there for our 10th anniversaries! I remember the first time I met you and Aidan. He was showing me how to pick blueberries at the age of four.

    Hope you get things accomplished today. Heck, I hope I can get things accomplished.

    Take care Sis!