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Friday, September 25, 2009

Simply Primitive!

I cant believe its friday already! I feel like I have accomplished next to nothing this week and I still work today and Sunday. Saturday is my only day off this time of year. Fortunately the second job I work is a gift shop and I can take my lap top with me and work at my other job when Im not busy...or blog!

About a week ago I noticed a new store had popped up in the town next to ours. Well since it is called *Simply Primitive* you know I had to check it out! I was working in that area the other day so I stopped in and of course came home with a couple goodies. Loved this painted spoon and it will look great hanging in my kitchen when I EVER get my cabinets painted!
I also bought this box for my kitchen utensils. I may sand it a little more...I loved it and the colors match mine but I think I want it a little more prim.
The store was beautiful and I could have spent so much money there! Lots of prim goodies and some of the home decor as well. Premade curtains,candles,shelves, name it! I saw some really neat house numbers there that I think will go on my Christmas list. They are like wooden tiles you slide in a frame and there is a space for a decorative tile beside the numbers. There were lots of painted tiles for fall and winter so you could change them with the seasons or holidays. So if anyone lives in my area the store is called Simply Primitive and it is in Truro, Nova Scotia. Next time I am in I will try to have a camera handy to ask if I can take some pictures. Im sure being new she might like the publicity!
Have a great friday everyone...whats planned for your weekend?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Some Prim Ornaments!

After my sis Debbie at Goat Creek mentioned finding a Prim tree to decorate for the seasons it made me think of mine! Soooo.....I decided to share some of my prim ornaments that I put on my tree. Most of these are Christmas ones as I usually only have my trees out then. And as you can see my camera isnt the best! I love all of these and they look so nice on the tree! I have a rusty wire garland that I put on as well. I know its only fall.....but I love Christmas! I hope you enjoy the pics!

Love this little Angel....kind of cut her halo off. Im a terrible photographer!!
This Angel hangs like she is laying and holds the star so it kind of looks like she is flying! And the chubby snowman is just adorable!!
Just a few more to share. The heart could be used at Valentines too and I tend to keep my angels out for most seasons!
Thanks for looking hope you enjoyed....only 94 days til Christmas!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I once was Lost!!

But here I am! I cant believe how busy I have been and still dont seem to have accomplished a darn thing!! I had hoped to get my kitchen cupboards painted but we are into fall and I havent had time to blink! I will post pics of the armoire I was wanting to paint black soon though ....almost done! We had a wedding to go to last weekend that was a 5 hour drive each way and an over night stay. I was home Sunday night and then on the road for work Monday morning and gone another 3 days. I am also back to working my second(or is it third) job for the fall/winter which means I go 6 days a week. I am actually there today and its the first change I have had to blog!

Yesterday our town held its annual yard sale and my sister and I did a big sale in my yard. It was great to get out and see everyone and the day went well. I made a few extra dollars which I will put into my Christmas fund! I hope everyone is doing well. I am off to catch up on my reading so I know what you are all up to! Have a great week!