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Friday, September 25, 2009

Simply Primitive!

I cant believe its friday already! I feel like I have accomplished next to nothing this week and I still work today and Sunday. Saturday is my only day off this time of year. Fortunately the second job I work is a gift shop and I can take my lap top with me and work at my other job when Im not busy...or blog!

About a week ago I noticed a new store had popped up in the town next to ours. Well since it is called *Simply Primitive* you know I had to check it out! I was working in that area the other day so I stopped in and of course came home with a couple goodies. Loved this painted spoon and it will look great hanging in my kitchen when I EVER get my cabinets painted!
I also bought this box for my kitchen utensils. I may sand it a little more...I loved it and the colors match mine but I think I want it a little more prim.
The store was beautiful and I could have spent so much money there! Lots of prim goodies and some of the home decor as well. Premade curtains,candles,shelves, name it! I saw some really neat house numbers there that I think will go on my Christmas list. They are like wooden tiles you slide in a frame and there is a space for a decorative tile beside the numbers. There were lots of painted tiles for fall and winter so you could change them with the seasons or holidays. So if anyone lives in my area the store is called Simply Primitive and it is in Truro, Nova Scotia. Next time I am in I will try to have a camera handy to ask if I can take some pictures. Im sure being new she might like the publicity!
Have a great friday everyone...whats planned for your weekend?


  1. Hi Holli, that store sounds awesome and I love the goodies you got! Nothing planned for this weekend, but next weekend is our towns big fall festival with crafts, so I'm saving up for that, lol! Have a great weekend:)

  2. Holli,
    You got some great goodies...I love the painted spoon!!


  3. Hi Sis!

    Its ok that you didn't get much accomplished this week. You were sick, remember? That store sounds great. I do wish we were closer so we could take day trips to go shopping. I so want to do something with this place. I love ths spoon!

    I have Jaygen this weekend. He is going to be my case study for my psychology paper that is due in a few weeks. We've not seen him for almost a month so its going to be nice having him here. Did I mention that he's spending the night at maw maw's?

    Don't work too hard this weekend. *hugs*


  4. much prefer the Alderberry Village Crafts at 781 Prince St. Truro NS, friendly and approachable staff. Lots of quality NS crafts from very talented people. Check them out. Thir store is very popular!

  5. yes, i agree. Alderberry Village has much more to offer those who like well made drafts.


  6. Hi Holli, as the co-owner of Simply Primitive, I want to thank you for your kind words about our store. Next time you are in, ask for Christine (that's me) and bring your camera. We usually don't allow pictures but we will make an exception in your case. Hope to see you soon.

  7. Simply Primitive is a wonderful shopping experience and have a very talented and knowledgeable staff, It has been a few weeks since my visit but while shopping around I had excellent help from a young man working there who really knows what he is talking about when it comes to decor and primitives. He even went as far as to ask what colour my living room walls, couch and chairs were and what accents I had around the room so he could recommend to me some beautiful crafts and primitives (that I ended up purchasing) that would suit my room, he was incredible. I will CERTAINLY be back because of him.

    1. Thank you so much for the flattering comment. My name is Corry Corporon and I work at Simply Primitive it was me that helped you that day. Although I do not quite remember exactly who you were I would love for you to come in and see is there is anything eles I can help you with. Hope to see you soon Anonymous!