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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Back to Work!

Well the last week has been eventful to say the least and soooo busy!! These pics are from the weekend. We got the cement footings poured for the fence posts and hope to have the posts and panels up this week! Thats my husband working the cement mixer....good thing he doesnt read my blog cause he hates having his pic taken and would probably kill nme if he knew it was here!
And my son wouldnt be any more impressed to have this one of him on here tamping down the cement to get air pockets out. As you can see beyond him this is why we want the privacy fence. We have a huge lot....almost an acre but we back onto a grocery store parking lot. They tell us that years ago the property went all the way back and the store was not there.
Aside from working on the fence we have managed to get thru Prom, graduation, Safe grad party and now I am back to work today and tomorrow is a holiday here! So I will work a day and have a day off and then work a day and have the weekend off. Its been a busy chaotic week but I have managed to get thru it with only a few tears over graduation. I will post those pics later! I have even managed to do a little crafting but I cant show you yet because its for a secret swap and I dont want my partner to know what she is getting! I hope everyone is having a good week.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

A little bragging

Im sorry but I have to brag just a little! This is my handsom son and his prom date! We had a photographer come and take pics before prom. I will post more when we get them all but she sent me this sneak peek and I had to share. Arent they cute???
Now Im sitting home worrying cause they are at an all night party! Whats a momma to do? Time to get out something to work on to distract me. Hope you are all having a good week.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

More Weekend Work!!

Well we are onto the privacy fence across the back of the yard this weekend! These pics are from last weekend....we had to cut away some tree branches to get thru with the fence. Just to give you an idea hhow thick it is....thats my husband in there and I am about 2 feet from him taking the pic! He is also in there....can you see him?? These trees are in the back corner of our property and unfortunately dont go all the way across or we wouldnt have the privacy issue or the need for a fence! We had to cut the limbs off the back side(away from our property) of ther fir tree so the fence could go thru.
Now you can see him again....and thats after many big branches were hauled out! Amazing how thick those can be!
Today is post hole digging day. We have rented an auger and the men will be doing this job. I have been told it would be too heavy for me which suits me just fine. I think that makes me in charge of beer and food! Im off to the grocery store with a little stop at my fav prim shop! Have a great day everyone!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Prim Pals Forum

Just a quick post cause Im out of town for business meetings this week...uughhh!

Just wanted to mention Prim Pals Forum....the link is on my side bar. Please click on the picture and go check out what we are all up to on there. We have the best laughs on our Wednesday night chats and there are lots of pics to see and tutorials and recipes and awesome swap name it we prolly got it. Worth having a look!! Hope you all will join our family!

Have a great week!


Saturday, June 5, 2010


Noooo Im not having one but I went this morning bright and early to an annual community yard sale near my moms. It was a 2 hour drive so we got up at 5am and left at 6! There were so many yard sales. Anyone with kids would have been in heaven. Lots of awesome toys and books and clothing. I came across a lady just getting her things out. What made me stop was this wooden box. My sister has been looking for one to use as a coffee table. I bought this for $5 and the lady told me she made it from an old chicken coop. The front side where you see the window flips down. The top also comes off or there is a little hole in it they would have put a heat lamp thru to warm chicks. It needs a little work but its beautiful and Im not so sure my sister will get it! I also bought the old iron from her for $2. The big colander I got elsewhere for $1 and the rolling pin for a quarter! Also from the same lady I got this old antique ironing board. She rescued it from the trash and painted the birdhouses on it. I will remove the raffia and maybe replace with pip berries...I think I will leave it painted as is for now. I paid $4 for it!
Again...same yard sale....this old school desk!! Now I gave her $40 for this because I have wanted one forever. She says they found a date from the 1800's on it....I havent looked yet but it doesnt really matter cause I love it!! It has the hole for the ink well and is adjustable in height.
And again from the same lady I bought this shelf. Im going to paint it as it has blue on it now. I paid $2 for this. I had such a great day. My mom and sister and her two girls joined my husband and I. So it was a family day and we were all excited about all the goodies.
We also bought some puzzles to do next winter and my husband got some Norman Rockwell collectors plates. I hope you are all having a good weekend.


Friday, June 4, 2010


This was taken a couple nights ago along the side of the property so as you can see we have made some progress with the fence. Unfortunately it has rained every day since! Thats my Pearse who is my constant companion....he rarely leaves my side,especially at times like 5am this morning when it started to storm. He hates thunder so I had all 85 pounds of him in my bed!
This weekend we will be taking a little break. There is an annual yard sale near my moms that has always been great. So we will be getting up at 5am tomorrow to make the hour and a half drive so we can bargain hunt! Its kind of a family thing. My sister and her girls are going and Dave and I. My son has to work this year....he wasnt impressed! Even at 18 he still loves to go even though Im sure if he would never tell a friend cause that wouldnt be *cool*!!

Hope everyone has a great day and that the weekend comes out sunny! Im off to check out the Prim Pals forum and log my weight loss for the week! YAY Me another 4 pounds!