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Friday, June 4, 2010


This was taken a couple nights ago along the side of the property so as you can see we have made some progress with the fence. Unfortunately it has rained every day since! Thats my Pearse who is my constant companion....he rarely leaves my side,especially at times like 5am this morning when it started to storm. He hates thunder so I had all 85 pounds of him in my bed!
This weekend we will be taking a little break. There is an annual yard sale near my moms that has always been great. So we will be getting up at 5am tomorrow to make the hour and a half drive so we can bargain hunt! Its kind of a family thing. My sister and her girls are going and Dave and I. My son has to work this year....he wasnt impressed! Even at 18 he still loves to go even though Im sure if he would never tell a friend cause that wouldnt be *cool*!!

Hope everyone has a great day and that the weekend comes out sunny! Im off to check out the Prim Pals forum and log my weight loss for the week! YAY Me another 4 pounds!


  1. Hi Holli,
    Your yard looks good! I have been getting our yard done inbetween rain storms too. At least everything is really green! we're just getting a slow start around here.
    Congrats on the four pounds!

  2. Looking good Holli, love your fence. Way to go on the 4 pounds...

  3. Looking good Holli!
    What a gorgeous 'friend'!

    Enjoy your roadtrip and hope you get lots of treasures....I'm sure we will see them if you do...I hope.


  4. Congratulations Sis on the weight loss! I am so proud of you!! The yard is looking great too!

    Have fun at the sale this weekend. Hope you find all kinds of goodies!


  5. It's looking great! We've had non stop thunderstorms this way too. I sure wish I was up there with you this weekend, have fun!

  6. Congrats on the weight loss Holli, that is wonderful! I know what you mean about sharing the bed too, I have 91 lbs. of German shepherd in mine every night, LOL!!!

  7. Holli,
    Congrats on the weight loss!!
    Have a wonderful time at the garage sales. We have one here this weekend called "The National Road Garage Sale" that starts in St. Louis, Missouri and goes all the way to the east coast. Lucky for me, we live right near the national road here in Ohio and we hope to go check it out tomorrow if it doesn't storm.

  8. Congrats on the weight loss! That's great!

    Fence is looking really good! I think you all deserve a break... and what better way to do it than that! Sounds like tons of fun!