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Thursday, June 24, 2010

A little bragging

Im sorry but I have to brag just a little! This is my handsom son and his prom date! We had a photographer come and take pics before prom. I will post more when we get them all but she sent me this sneak peek and I had to share. Arent they cute???
Now Im sitting home worrying cause they are at an all night party! Whats a momma to do? Time to get out something to work on to distract me. Hope you are all having a good week.



  1. That is a cute pic Holli! And you son is very handsome! Try not to worry (yeah, right!) too much, I'm sure everything will be fine. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hi Holli, yes he is handsome and his date is very pretty too. I've been through this prom and party stuff three times and I know how you feel....

  3. that is a really cute and happy the ease of the pose..very fun and light hearted..I hope you are able to get something done and not worry.;)

  4. What a nice looking couple! What great
    memories, they are making! Thanks
    for sharing.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  5. Awww, they're adorable together! Did you tear up when you saw him all dressed up like that??

  6. Now how cute are they!! That's adorable. It sure is tough to see them grow up. Big Hugs Momma.

  7. Aunt Debbie is sitting here amazed at how handsome that little boy of yours has grown... You did a great job Sis! Hope you managed to get some rest and didn't have to worry too much. He is a good kid.

    Love ya Sis!

  8. What a great picture! I hope they had a great time!

  9. Good morning Holli - what a wonderful photo!
    Very handsome son indeed!!!! And his date ain't none too shabby either! lol She's adorable. I love the colors they chose to rich.
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog - always nice to see you show up.
    Hugs, Karen