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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Light redo finally and flower gardens!

Finally....this is the light I took down in the front hall and painted black. Well....I took it all apart and painted it black. It used to have etched glass panels on it as well. I hated it! Now it is a plain simple light just like I wanted! I also rolled the white parts in cinnamon!

I tried to get a couple pics of my gardens this week ...everything has just taken off! My iris seems to be early this year for this area anyways. They usually get much taller but they are already blooming. There are more to come out but with all the nice warm sun we have had the past few days that wont take long.

Im not sure what these little white flowers are. Its a bulb of some sort that comes up every year. When we bought this house it was like a great surprise in spring because there were periennial flowers coming up everywhere! These were hidden way under some old trees and brush we cleaned out so I moved them last year to a more visible place! They are not actually attached to the big leaves you see there....those are my violets that have already bloomed and are gone.Every year when this Hosta comes up I remind myself it needs to be split up....and every year it is too late by the time I get to it! Maybe next year! It is huge! I am hoping to split it and use it as a border on either side of our front walk way. Thats the plan anyways!

Well Im off to work after a grueling 12+ hour day yesterday I was hoping for a break but it doesnt look like that is coming. I guess I shouldnt complain at least I have a job in this recession and we sure do need it! Have a great day everyone!


  1. The light looks great! You did a great job on it. I wish we could of worked on a few projects while you were here. How did you get the cinnamon to stick?

    Your yard is looking good. The grass is over-taking everything here. Wendell plans on mowing today so I guess my allergies will be working overtime.

    Don't work too hard. Try to have a little fun too!


  2. Your Light does look nice :)
    I do the same thing with my hostas...LOL and some other plants. I split one hosta and got 6 nice sized plants from it!
    I hope you and Debbie had a wonderful visit and a fun time together.

    have a nice weekend, Kath

  3. Love your light redo, I am a native of Nova Scotia and live on the eastern shore, I read alot of blogs and stumbled across your I now have it saved as a favorite. Keep on posting.