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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Special Friends

While I was in Missouri Deb and I visited another friend from the Frugal Village website. We have both already blogged about this but today she forwarded me the pic off her camera. Its not a bad one of the three of us so I wanted to add it to mine. At least it isnt blurry like all mine!! Things have settled down a bit since I got home. Today Pearse(my beloved best friend and golden retriever)and I are making a trip to the vet. He needs a check up and his flea meds updated. I worked this morning and it was easier than the past two days so I guess Im getting back into the swing of things. I hope to get outside this evening if the bugs arent too bad to do some gardening. My flower beds are looking bad! I need to get everything up to my standards so the neighbours dont think Im slacking. hehe! Hopefully my new dishwasher will be installed tonight and I can save myself some much needed time not having to stand and do them all by hand. Oh how spoiled we get! Hope everyone is having a nice sunny day! Here is our picture!


  1. Di's picture turned out so much better than ours. Glad she sent it to you to post. You wouldn't of believed the weather here today. Cold and breezy! Big change from the hot and humid. I hope the dishwasher is installed. I know how much time it will save you.

    How was Pearse when you got back? Could he tell you were with Sasha? She misses 'Aunt Holli'! :)


  2. BTW.... Wendell owes you some Mr. Goodbars!