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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

The Poor bunny!! Hehe....I thought this was a cute cartoon in my sick sense of humor way! I sure hope all of you are having a wonderful Easter weekend and dont have any problems getting your slippers on!
Yesterday I got my son all shipped off on his trip to Europe! Im a little nervous but it will be a great trip for him. His history teacher takes 25 students every year. This year they are going to Italy,Switzerland,Austria and Germany. While in Germany they will visit Dachau,a WWII Nazi concentration camp, and my son being so into history was excited about this! They have of course studied global history in school and he did a project on this and got 99%.

For me the highlight of the trip would be Swiss chocolate! Im kidding....Im sure they will enjoy everything. I cant wait for him to get back next Saturday though. I miss him already and it is so quiet here.

Well Im off to work at the gift shop. I volunteered to work the weekend because I know she will be busy and her other part time employee is on the trip with my son! Have a great day everyone and Happy Easter! Hope the bunny finds you!


  1. hehehehe.... that cartoon is too funny!

    I hope your son has a safe and fun trip. It sure sounds like he will.

    Thank you for leaving a comment and for your kind words! It meant a lot to me :)


  2. Love the cartoon:)
    Your son will have a trip of a lifetime and be so filled with stories and pictures to show you!
    I hope the bunny finds you too!

  3. Loved the cartoon!!

    I visited a few of those places while in Europe back in 1969 and really learned and got to see alot! I love anything to do with History too! My ex was stationed in the Army and was stationed in Germany. We were there, with our daughter for a year and a half. We visited Switzerland, France, Austria, and was living at that time in Germany.. I didn't make it to Italy, as I had hoped. I still haven't made it there, but maybe someday I will.. To me, it was so very interesting! One will always carry memories of these places that they visited while being in Europe! I hope to go back and visit there again someday!

    Happy Easter!


  4. I told Wendell that Aidan was going to get to see some of the concentration camps and he is jealous. He is fascinated with that subject and even working on a paper right now for school. Tell Aidan he will have to take some shots of his travels to share with 'Uncle Wendell'.

    I hope you have a Happy Easter sis and try not to worry too much!

    Love you,

  5. Yikes...glad that isn't one of my bunnies, LOL!!! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!!

  6. Hey the cartoon...your son is going to have a wonderful time..hope he takes lots of photos to share with you..have a wonderful Easter weekend.;)

  7. Sounds like a wonderful trip! My favorite might be the chocolate too, lol!