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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A New Do!

Yes thats me....I usually hide from pics but since I got a new hair do I decided to share a *ME* pic today! Of course you cant really tell that there are blonde and red hilights in the hair and I look soooo tired because it was at the end of a 12 hour day! Oh but look there is my April cowboy on the calendar behind me... hehe!

Then when I got home my husband told me he had something for me....ok you have to understand thats kind of scarey....cause he doesnt shop much and last time he brought me something it was his mother and she has been here a year in May!!! NOT a good gift! So he handed me this cute little raggedy....she isnt handmade but she is cute and I love that he thought about going to my favorite Prim shop to buy me something. Her dress says *Sweet Souls Surround Us.* He also bought the little iron tricycle she is sitting on. I have to find a place for her cause right now she is sitting on my desk!
Almost ready to reveal my 100th post giveaway!! I cant believe Im still doing this...I thought I wouldnt have anything to say and you all would be bored! Talk to you soon.


  1. Hey Holli, would love to see more of your tip that head so we can all see em...feels good to get your hair done doesn't it..except my hairdresser keeps me in the chair for 5 hours..can't figure out why it is taking so going to try someplace else next time...what a great gift that your hubby gave hubby has yet to go to the prim shop...have a great rest of your evening..:)

  2. Love your new do, Holli :) I can't get over how much you look like my cousin!! you two could be sisters!
    What a nice gift from your hubby...the last "gift" i got from my thoughtful man was a handful of cut nails! ;) He's tooooo good to me! LOL!

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Holli, I love the hair, you are one beautiful gal:) Now, I'm hoping your MIL doesn't read your blog while you're at work, or she may get mad and destroy your lovely cowboy calender! Love the dollie, she is sweet:)

  4. Hi Holli!!!! (waving) Nice to SEE you. LOL.

    What an awesome gesture by your hubby!!!!

    Ummm... since you're married could I please have the cowboy???? LOL


  5. Hey Girl, that new do looks fabulous on you! I love the highlites, I can see some gold and red in it. Awww, your handsome buying you the Annie with her trike is so sweet. Can't wait to see what your give away is going to be.


  6. Great do, Holli! How sweet of Hubby to be thinking of you, too!

  7. Hi Holli, love your new do and the sweet of your hubby, love the doll and the tricycle to. Have a great day...Beryl

  8. Thanks Everyone! Hi Beryl!!Did you see your crow????

  9. Hi Sis!

    I love the new do but can you bend down or maybe move a little to your left???? Your blocking my view of the cowboy!

    Love the Annie doll and bike.... What did he do??? Is he trying to butter you up? *laughing*

    Love you,

  10. You look great with your new do Holli!! You sure have an awful nice hubby to buy those things for you!!


  11. I did Holli, thank you for showing it, I'm getting some more things ready for Patti and I'm starting my own selling blog so when I get it all ready I'll let you know...Beryl

  12. Love the new foxy do, Holli!!!!

    What a sweet gift from your hubby. I think he needs to talk to mine.

  13. Your hair looks very nice!

    That was so nice of your husband to think of you! The doll and tricycle are very cute! I hope you are having a great day!


  14. Love your new hair cut! Hubby did a good job picking out the doll & very cute!

  15. Hi Holli,
    Great new do!! Love the cute doll that your husband got for you!!

  16. Hi Holli, I love your new doll and trike, did he find her at a local your new hair do too.

  17. You are very pretty but I really can't see the cowboy too good...I love cowboys and it looks like April is a good month! AND what a hubby you have me laughing about his mom being there since last should do stand up comedy.

  18. Love your new hairdo!! It looks good on you! How sweet of your hubby to get that Annie for you! I laughed out loud about the mother-in-law comment! You are too funny!

  19. You all are sooo sweet to me! Thanks again!!!

  20. I 2nd n 3rd n 4th and ya ya you get the idea lol Loveeeee your new do ! Im also with the rest get a lil closer so we can see those highlights lol...And I strained my eyes tryin' ta' see Aprils cowboy so could ya' maybe show Mays a lil closer too hehehehe.....
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  21. Hi Holli, love your hair! And that cute lil
    Annie and trike! It was great talking to
    you on the forum, I will send ya a pic of
    the rings as soon as I can get a good
    pic of them...I just signed on to
    follow...I would love ya to come on
    by my blog for a visit.
    Bear Hugs~Karen

  22. that's a cute bob/pageboy. I have always wished my hair was smooth instead of so darned curly!
    Love the Annie! ★ Linda