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Monday, April 5, 2010

Post # 93?!

Wow....Im getting close to that 100th post mark!! You all know what that means...stayed tuned for a giveaway soon!!! I didnt think I would ever get this far.

Its a beautiful sunny day here in Nova Scotia and hubby and I are both off work today. So I am about to kick his butt outside with me to continue clearing away the winter mess in our yard. Still a little wet to get in the back yard but lots of raking and clearing to do in the front! I will take some pics and share with you in the next couple days.

My son left Germany today and is on his way to Venice Italy. They will travel thru the Alps via Innsbruck. Two winter Olympics have been held there. He is totally enjoying himself!

Have a great Monday!



  1. Your son must be so excited to be traveling around in Europe! I have never even been on a plane. My daughter flew over to China to get her adopted daughter so I guess I must live vicariously through her! LOL
    I love your birdhouse in the previous post and you are right about the pip berry wreath! TYhey should all be $1!
    Down here in Iowa we are looking at a week of rain showers and postponement of our yard work and getting our garden started.

  2. I am glad that your weather is nice enough to get out on your day off! I hope you son enjoys his travels. He will probably have a lot of stories to tell when he gets back!


  3. I am glad you are getting help outside. Can't wait to see pictures of your house again. Glad to hear Aidan is doing good in his travels. I can't wait to hear what he has to say about it all when he gets back!

    Love ya sis!

  4. Hi Holli...I am from N.B. and found your blog through Tomato Creek. It is nice to find fellow Maritime bloggers especially prim ones. Your son is sure blessed to have such a wonderful trip. It will be great when he gets home though... blessings..
    Faye Henry / Primitive Lace

  5. Just poppin in to give ya hug and say hi. Hope you have a great weekend!!

    Your pal,