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Friday, April 10, 2009

I found Spring!

Today is a beautiful sunny day here in Nova Scotia and I decided to go outside for a bit and rake away some of the dead leaves and debris from winter. Underneath wet and in some places still frozen....I found SPRING!
My tiger lilies are starting to come up and I have crocus in bloom. Yup thats my big shadow trying to take a pic of the lilies coming up!
Amazing when a week ago we had snow! I took Pearse,my best friend, outside with me and had to tie him on because he was wandering off while I worked. This is him on the back can see where we started to remove the old siding to reveal the wood shingles underneath. Hopefully that will happen this year. Looks rather messy in the progress but will be worth it in the end!
Good Friday this year has been quiet and peaceful for me. I am home alone and puttering around the yard. Far different from last year when we had to say Good bye to our beloved pet of 12 years Savannah. We miss you girl! Hope everyone is having a good day and that the weather is as nice as it is here.


  1. Aren't spring flowers wonderful. They are such a reward for enduring those yucky long winters. Have a wonderful Easter.

  2. I love the crocus. Yellow is one of my favorite colors for spring flowers.


  3. Hi there!....Thank you for visiting my blog and making me LOL!....that is too funny about your Dad making you hunt eggs!....have a wonderful weekend! Janet :)

  4. Love your yellow crocus...all I've ever seen around here is the purple.
    Have a wonderful Easter.