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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lots to do!!

Well my husband finished his first year of school yesterday and starts his work term Monday. He is taking his Internet technology Degree.... you see...he lost his job a little over a year ago and couldnt get another one. Even though he had been an IT manager with close to 20 years experience he didnt have that little piece of paper he needed to say he was able to do the job..UGH! So Congrats Dave on one year down! One more year of school for him and financial tightness for us! Other than that...things are about to get going around my house. Since he is done school I am going to pile some projects on him. Last year we tore off our back porch and replaced it. Well almost! It still needs steps off the back end and some railings which will be getting done ASAP.Here are a few pics of that project. This is when we got everything tore off....only to find a very rotten sill plate that had to be replaced all along that side of the house. No wonder it was drafty and the door was uneven!
New Sill plate in.... and a start of tearing off the old cracked siding. Eventually we will take it all off and go back to the wood shingles.This is as far as they got last fall;no railings and temporary steps. but at least I had a way to get in my back door. Hopefully in the next couple weeks it will be finished so my flowers wont get ruined as they come up!!Sometimes I think we will always be in transition...but I do love my big old house! Have a happy Thursday everyone!


  1. Hi Holli~ just found your cute blog and I love to see house renovations and your house is awesome! I have a 17 yr. old son also and your fur babies are too cute! Stop by and visit me sometime:)

  2. Congrats to your sound like me we have unfinished project like that around here...we have a big old house to and man these
    old houses can be hard to work on...but fun...
    Prim Blessings...

  3. Congratulations Dave! I still have a month to go here.

    Hope your not working too hard Sis.... Hope we can talk this weekend.