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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A little help please!!

I am STILL working on that bathroom redo! When we got started we ran into a few snags as usual in an old house. We also decided to do a little more than originally anticipated. The idea was to just get rid of the ugly flowered wall paper that was on one wall and just use a plain green to match the *fake* tile walls. Well we liked it so much I went and bought more wallpaper and we are covering all the tile board...oh my what a pleasant difference! So we are getting there but I need an opinion. I bought a valance for the window...I know the pics are dark but Im hoping you can see enough to comment. That is with one valance across...not really enough to gather it at all....but too much to have it just straight across. Should I leave it? Or get another one to match so it is fuller? What do you think????
I couldnt resist showing you how the cabinets turned out. I am VERY pleased with then done black. Took me about an hour an they were painted,sanded and stained!! If you look back to my previous post you can see what they looked like. We are now playing with the idea of doing the counter top with the granite-like stuff you can put on. My temporary bathroom fix up is getting more intense Looking forward to your opinions and suggestions! Have a great day!



  1. Holli, you did an awesome job on those cabinets, LOVE IT!!!!! The valance looks fine, my own personal taste ...I would probably add another to gather it some more but it's very cute the way you have it now and I'm loving the colors! Hope you have a great day and can't wait to see it all finished:)

  2. I like it as it is... looks very simple. Get Dave to build you a shelf to go over it! Then you can put more prim goodies on top!


  3. I am going to add a rusty star to each cabinet door I think...and Deb the ceiling isnt high enough to have a shelf over it. I still remember those you had when you were married to Pat! Thanks for the input both of you!

  4. Holli,
    Love how your cabinets turned out...they are awesome painted black!! I like your valance the way it is...very simple, but I would most likely add another one if it was me as I like mine fuller.You can't go wrong either way you decide. I can't wait to see the room all finished.

  5. you know... I was just thinking about something I bought years ago but never used... I may have to go digging through some boxes. I may have something to put in your box! lol

    Love ya sis!

  6. Holli just wanted to say I LOVEEEEE the cabinet ! It really turned out primtastic !!!
    I like my valances a little fuller BUT I think yours looks good. Your bathroom redo is lookin' good.
    Prim Huggs n Blessins