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Saturday, March 21, 2009


Well I am sitting in a hotel room with two sleeping teenage boys! Im posting in the dark and chatting with Deb! We had a good trip over yesterday. Aidan and I travelled from our Nova Scotia home to Prince Edward Island which is about a 3 hour drive. We did however stop for a great lunch at an Irving Big Stop restaurant...yummy!! The island is connected to the mainland by one of the biggest link bridges in North America. Im not sure of the length but it takes awhile to drive across. The boys lost their first game yesterday and we play two today. The first isnt until 2pm. I am hoping to get them up and out so I can look around some of the local shops! Hope everyone has a great weekend. Im loving spending time with my boy!

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  1. Aren't those two up yet? Its 10:30 your time! *laughing* I hope Aidan's team does well today so you don't have to be up all night. Wish I were there with you to check out the island. While your there having fun I will be cleaning out my future craft room and finishing up my kitchen!

    Have fun and tell Aidan that 'Aunt Debbie' wishes him good luck!