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Friday, March 13, 2009

Putting the man to work!

Well Dave is off school this week on a break...or so he thinks! He just doesnt realise I am making him work for me this week. When we bought our old house there had been water damage before the roof was redone. You can see it here under the ceiling fan. It was worse than this but this pic was after we tore down the old tiles.
Last fall we repaired the upstairs hall ceiling....actually we just took it down and put up new sheetrock and filled the cracks,etc. Well that is as far as he got.
I have had the paint for it for 6 months now! So this is what he will be completing this week. I am so excited to get this done as I will then be able to stain the floors up there as well. We have them sanded and ready....just wanted to complete the painting first. We also bought paint for the walls so I am hoping it is a productive week!! I will hopefully get to finish the other light I have to paint as well if the weather is good enough to get outside to spray it. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Dave will be wishing he had a job or trying to get more time at the part-time one! *laughing* Have you seen about the passport yet???


  2. Hi Holli,
    I didn't realize until today that you had a blog...glad I found it. What a beautiful old house you have and how grand it will be when you are done restoring it!! Love the redo on the light you painted black. Great rooster collection too! I have just one big one that sit on top of the fridge and I love it.
    Well, I'm off to add you to my blogroll, but I'll be back to visit again soon.