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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My lighting project!

I finally got the project completed I mentioned about a week ago! I never did find the blog again where the lady had redone a light but here is my re-do!! I started with this ugly brass chandelier. I have alot of black wrought Iron accents thru my house and wanted to make the light fixture match and also look more primitive.

I got a can of flat black paint and sprayed it 4 times in total to get the coverage. I removed the glass shades and around the bases of the lights I added coffee stained cheese cloth that I also rolled in cinnamon when it was still wet. It looks light in the pictures but actually isnt when you see it. In the blog I had read they had primmed up the bases by dipping them in wax and grubbying them. My bases were short and not the covers so they couldnt be removed to do that. I improvised and I like the outcome! So what do you think of my new diningroom light?

My Husbands head got in the last one. Hi Dave!It doesnt show well with the light turned on in a pic but that is my completed light! And here is project number two......
This one had the glass panels all the way around but Dave had it taken a part before I got a picture. So this is what I am painting black and these have the covers I can remove and grubby! Thanks for reading!


  1. What a fantastic difference!
    I need to find a chandelier to redo...because paint makes such a great transformation!

  2. I love the transformation! You did a great job on it. What did Dave think? Still complaining that your changing his victorian house into a country place? *laughing*


  3. Oh my!!!! I love how it turned out!! I think I have decided to try and paint mine!!
    Thanks so much for sharing....
    I left you an earler comment, but my question has been answered!

    Hugs and Blessings,