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Sunday, March 22, 2009

More Hockey!

Well Momma is still in a hotel room with two teenage boys. They won both games yesterday amidst much drama and are advancing to the semi final game at 1pm! The last game we played last night was bad..the opposing team was very dirty...looking for a fight the whole time. Well..they got it and 3 of our players were kicked out of the game along with 3 of theirs. We still won 5-0 but that leaves us VERY short players today as they are not allowed to play. It will be tough to win with only 6 skaters. The boys are ready for it but I am annoyed that the others would fight and essentially let their team down. Hope you all are having a great weekend. See you when I get home!!

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  1. It sucks that his team lost yesterday but hey... they did good considering they were short players.

    Let me know how much snow you get. It was in the 70's here yesterday.... You need to get the passport and come on down!