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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bathroom redo...extended!!

Today was the first time hubby and I were able to get back at the wallpapering in the bathroom I have been TRYING to redo for a month or more now! With him in school and both of us working besides time is limited. So today we got back to it ...or as you can see I was the assistant and he did the real work.(I hate wallpapering!) I dont know if you can see the ugly green barkerboard -like tiles showing there or not but thats what we are covering. The paper is just green with a little texture and what a huge difference it has made already.
Now....when this project started we were only papering one wall and I redid the cupboards painting them black. Minor stuff. But we liked the paper so much we decided to do the whole room even though the long term goal is to eventually tear the whole bathroom apart and re-arrange the entire thing. Since that is a few years off I needed to be able to live with how it looks now. To date the project has cost us less than $100 including a new sink that is going in as well. Okay...that was until today. Below is a pic of the tub surround and yes ladies that is a lovely(not) flower on the wall of it! Its textured and an off white color and always looks dirty. So when my hubby said gee this room is looking good with the wall paper except for the ugly tub wall I jumped at the chance to replace it.
So off to the hardware store we went to check prices because Hubby didnt want to go any further with the paper until we decided about the tub wall. Less than 10 minutes and $91 later I had a new tub surround and all the adhesive to put it on!!! WOOHOO!You have no idea how excited I am about this. When we bought this old house that bathroom almost made me say no!
Since it was late in the day we didnt start that project and probably wont until next weekend. It will be a little labor intensive and require the shower area to be dry for a day or two. So we will have to plan for that.
Needless to say there are no finished pics to show you yet but I promise lots when its all done!! Otherwise a quiet weekend just trying to do a little spring cleaning so I can move some things around. Cant wait until the weather is nice enough to get outside. Hope you have all had a great day.


  1. The flower wall is definately a YUCK!! I can't wait to see the finished pictures. Your wallpaper makes a huge difference. It makes me want to get into mine and do a little work, since I don't see that happening anytime soon, I will just enjoy yours! Keep up the great work, Melissa

  2. How exciting! Can't wait to see it all done:)

  3. It is going to look just wonderful and I love the little cabinet that you got from your mom, myself I'd paint it black:)


  4. Don't ya just love doing something new? I'm sure the results will be wonderful - don't forget to show us the after!

  5. Oh better your hubby than me to wallpaper. The even worse part is tearing it off when you get tired of it. LOL.

    I miss the days of redoing a room.