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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day and another giveaway entry!

Valentines day is kind of special in a bittersweet way for me. This is a picture of me and my dad at my first wedding(I know but its the only one I have of me and him).

Dad would have been 70 today if he were still with us. He was a Valentines baby that left us way too early in 2001. Miss you dad!

My hubby and I went in different directions to work and him on a hockey road trip with my son. We will go out to dinner another day when there is more time and money! Hope you all had a great day.

Now....since my giveaway draw is this friday I thought in honor of Valentines day I would give you an opportunity to get an extra entry. Same rules apply as in first post so all of you who have posted there who want an extra entry...tell me briefly in a comment how you met the love of your life!! Happy Valentines!



  1. Hey there Happy Valentines day..well I met my hubby at the gas station..he tuned up my car and the rest is history.:)

  2. LOL, I thought I'd be too embarassed, but seeing as Gina met hers at the gas station, I guess I can say where I met mine....shhhhh.....the laundry mat! YUP, love at first sight by the economy dryers ;)

  3. Hi Holli,
    I knew my hubby in high school, but we didn't date then. Actually...I was a senior in high school and he was in his second year of college when a mutal friend talked us into going on a double date. They didn't hit it off, but we did and the rest is history!!

  4. Hi Holli,
    How funny it is to think back and laugh!!
    I met my hubs one saturday evening in Portstewart-this is a seaside resort on the north coast of Ireland. I was with a friend and hubs was with a friend and our two friends knew each other and we got introduced-went for an ice-cream and here we are 15yrs later:)
    ~Shazy x

  5. What great stories! My husband is literally the boy next door. Our moms got us together! I love the picture of you and your dad! What a sweet memory for you! hugs Kathy

  6. *hugs* I know you miss your Dad probably as much as I miss my Mom. It definitely makes us appreciate our remaining parent, huh?

    Well... you know how I met my Valentine. I picked him up through! lol and then met him in the local Hardee's a week later. Love at first sight! :D


  7. In high school walking down the hall. Doesn't sound romantic but he sure was cute. :)
    Theresa N

  8. I met my hubby where we both worked!!

  9. I went on a double date in High School with my Hubby and my friend and his best friend. (I actually had a crush on his best friend at the time). I find out years later that his best friend has been married several times since, while we have been married for 42 yrs.
    Guess I picked the right one !!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. This is almost embarrassing but I met my hubby in a junk store. It was love at first sight and we've been together for 23 years . I still haunt the junk shops but I am looking for prim goodies to makeover and not a new hubby. LOL!

  11. Hi Holli! My hubby and I met in kindergarten where he knocked me down with one of those huge block trucks while I was writing at the chalkboard during our playtime. I really needed to pee, but didn't want to give up my place at the chalkboard so I was holding it till playtime was over. Well, needless to say, when he knocked me down, I couldn't hold it any longer! It was true love then although neither of us knew it until we "met" again in 2007! We will be married a year in April and he saves me everyday! And I am happy to report that he has not made me pee my pants ever again, although he makes me laugh so hard sometimes that I almost have! Thanks for this 2nd chance to win your wonderful giveaway and I love that pic of you and your dad ~ so sweet!

  12. You all are making my day with these comments!!!! Thank you...Im lovin all the great stories of where love began!!

  13. I met my wonderful husband on the school bus oh so many years ago. I just had a simple crush on him then as I was in middle school and he was in high school. As time went by I started hanging out with these girls and he was actually tryin to date my friend at the time but me and him started going out and that was 12 years ago. Twelve years later 9 of which we have been married (we just celebrated our 9 year on Jan. 28,2010) and three kids later it seems like yesterday.
    Thanks, Stacy

  14. How I met the love of my life was through a great friend of ours. She set us up and we have been married now for 21 years and we are still deeply in love. Our friend that set us up passed away of a heart attack at the age of 31 year old, we were in shock,but we call her our ANGEL!!!!! God hadher down here for a reason and she did her job and God then wanted her home. We love you Shannon, and miss you deeply!!!!!!!
    So that is our love story, I feel so blessed to have my soul mate by my side!!!

    God Bless friend,
    Tricia (Hillcrest Home Prims)

  15. I met my DH on a double date. My best friend was dating his best friend and they set us up. We ended up getting married and our friends split up and married different people.

  16. Well I've known Hubby for ages... we were into roleplay-games together :) We've been just friends for quite a long time but then it happened so we both broke up with our second halves... and were together and are still :)))

  17. LOL..Kind of funny the way I met DH.I was sitting in a booth at a restaurant and he was just leaning against a wall next to doorway to go back in the kitchen when he came over and asked if he could sit to be friends and then ended up marrying my best friend :)
    The rest is history and have been married almost 32 years :)

  18. My husband knew me many years before I knew him. But the tale is actually a little ironic. You see, when I was about 16, my best friend said that she knew someone that was perfect for me (yup, my husband). I never really paid attention to that.

    5 years later, when I was 21, I ran into him at our very small, local shopping center. And we hit it off immediately. My best friend said, "see I told you so".... LOL...

    We were married a year later. And that was 26 years ago!!!