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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Finally we got some snow and of course it closed schools and left me home from work. I was supposed to do a trip for work today that is 2 hours away...nope not on bad roads! Im a terrible photographer and just have a cheap camera...but this is my son,Aidan and my super duper bestest friend Pearse! Yes I love my golden retriever! He also loves the snow and it was up to his belly. he will chase snowballs for as long as you will throw them.
Here he is digging for a snowball which of course has disappeared! The snow is heavy and wet and has packed down alot already. It doesnt look like we have much but I would say about 7 inches fell over night with another 2-4 expected today. The area Aidan and Pearse are in is to the side of my house and in the summer is all patio stones and gardens around the fence. It looks so barren now!
And of course Harley needed his picture taken too. Harley is an indoor cat who never goes outside. Aidan put him in the snow and he was looking at me like please get me back inside!!! It was so cute.
Well I am off to see what I can get done around here since it is an unexpected day off! I see some wallpaper in my husbands future...Im dying to finish my bathroom make over and since he is home...hmmm! Gotta keep those men busy! Hope you all have a great day. Only 2 days til I draw for my giveaway!!



  1. Oh My! You got a lot of snow!!
    At least your son & the dog are enjoying it!!

  2. YAY for your free day off! Love all your babies there in the snow, looks like they are enjoying it, except maybe Harley, LOL!

  3. Great snow pics! Looks like fun, except for maybe the cat, lol!

  4. They were definately enjoying....but now Pearse is limping :(

  5. Love the snow pics. Poor Harley, he does look like he isn't lovin that white stuff.


  6. I like your blog! Here's an award for you: