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Monday, February 22, 2010

The Good,the bad and the ugly!!

Well its been an interesting few days to say the least! Friday I took my son to an open house at the university here that he is hoping to attend in September. He went with transcripts in hand and.... they accepted him on the spot with a $3500 scholarship! I am very proud of him...and if he can bring his GPA up 5 points by the end of this semester they will double that! WOOHOO! That was good news!

Then the bad news..... Sunday morning at 5am I woke up with pains in my chest and my left arm. Needless to say off to the emergency room we went. I spent the day looked to heart monitors and had a bigillion blood tests and x rays and I dont even know what else. They could find nothing. I did not have a heart attack and it didnt appear there was a blockage anywhere. It was a long stressful boring day but I guess I should be thankful they found nothing.

The ugly....oh thats me!! I am soooo cranky today I dont think I even like myself! I dont know if it was all the meds they gave me yesterday or what but Im just in a terrible mood. The hospital called and I had to go in for a stress test which I passed so again that was good,but Im still cranky...I think some chocolate is in order...ALOT of it!!

I hope everyone else is having a good day! Sorry for the pic-free post hopefully I will have some things to show you soon.


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  1. OH Holli, thank God they didn't find anything and It wasn't your heart!! I have had chest pains like that before and I think mine is just stress or panic attacks which I get but it is scary and I hope you will have NO MORE of it young lady! Congrats to your son...that is AWESOME! Now go get some rest, and some chocolate;)

  2. Come over to Soggibottom and we will give you a huge hug. Don't have to go over to Soggibottom, will give you a H U G E H U G anyway x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

  3. Holli,
    So glad to hear that it wasn't your heart. My hubby went through something like that years ago and they said that it was caused by stress.
    Rest and Chocolate sound good to me.

    Congrats to your son.


  4. I'm so glad everything turned out to be ok! And congrats to your son, what great news. You are probably feeling a little cranky because you're wearing off all the stress and worry of yesterday. I think this calls for not just regular chocolate, your need the good stuff, the dark chocolate!!!!

  5. Congrats to your son! That's awesome, and I'm in the same place with my son - I hope he's as fortunate when we go on our campus visitations.

    How scary for you! I hope everything turns out alright - in the meantime, pass the chocolate!