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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Help a Sista out!!

As most of you know Debbie at Goat Creek (<-- Link)and I have been the best of friends for years. We call each other sisters and share all the ups and downs life has sent our way. Since Deb is trying to get a selling blog up and running I thought I would post it on my page to help her generate some interest. I have added some pics I *borrowed* from her blog of the cute salt dough ornies she is making. Arent they great??
Easter ones and spring ones,the cutest lady bug ever and she has so many other ideas as well.

Oh look there is the Easter ones

And my personal favorites...the crow and sunflowers!
Debbie will even make them to order if you have an idea you would like her to try just ask. She is a very talented lady! She hasnt posted alot of the things I have seen her make in the past and I am going to mention them so then she will have to tell you all about them! She made some great purses awhile ago and I am still carrying one around with my stitchery project and thread inside. Also some cute baby bibs and burp pads that she stitched with cute sayings. Let me see....if anyone lives close to her she is a great cook and her dream is to own a little deli/bakery/tea room....or even a bed and breakfast. Debbie does make and decorate cakes for all occassions and sells those as well.
Each of us has our own lives and lately with all that is going on around the world like Haiti and Afghanistan,etc. it makes me think more about the people around me. Lots of people have a daily struggle to keep food on the table and a roof over their head. My husband lost his job 3 years ago and ended up going back to school. I went from having it all and working when I wanted to being the main bread winner. We use our blogs as an outlet to share the good and the bad. I love losing myself in prim pics of all your homes and getting ideas for the slow process of renovating mine. I am hoping today I can help my sister get something started to supliment her income and help her to take care of herself and husband who has MS. So please pass this along to anyone who might be interested and if there is anything you need made just ask Deb...she can do it!!!
Have a great day.... and for all you football fans out there...GO COLTS!


  1. Have I told you lately that I love you Sis???? You are the best sister I ever picked for myself! ;) You and I have been through enough that we could probably write a book. I thank GOD everyday we have each other! *hugs*

    Debbie xxox

  2. Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog! I will add you to my list for the giveaway...I was thinking about taking that part out anyways! Have a great evening!

  3. Those ARE great!!! And you are a great friend to post them and help her out.


  4. the lady bug is soooooooo stinkin' cute!