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Sunday, February 14, 2010

A couple make overs and THANK YOU!!

I finally got busy today and finished up a couple projects! This little box I found awhile back and today I finally got it painted black and primmed up too. I am going to put some mason jars in it and use it on my counter for tea bags and things I think. I ALMOST forgot to take a before it is partially painted.
Next project wasnt intended to be a project. I was looking for a little shelf or something for in my bathroom I am redoing. I found this one and thought it was perfect! Until I got it outside the store and realised it was blue and not black!! Again I forgot to take a before pic but here it is as I am painting it.
And the drawers that go in it......

And here they both are all finished! It looks green there but it really is black. I love it and cant wait to get that bathroom finished so I can hang it in there.
And the little box..... it will look great with the jars in it!
I also want to thank all of my new followers for joining my blog! I am overwhelmed every day to see a few more added! I will get around to each of your blogs for a little read in the next week or so. Thank you so much for joining and I wish everyone good luck in my giveaway!! The draw is friday the 19th so you still have a few days to join!


  1. Holli,
    What great finds and makeovers ! That little box will look fantastic with mason jars I may have to snag this idea if you don't mind ?
    Hope your weekend is going great.
    Prim huggs n Blessins

  2. Love both of your projects! I like the jar idea. I still need to bring in the old box from the shed for my dining room table. Too bad I wouldn't be able to put it there now since its covered with salt dough! lol

    Hope Dave surprises you today for Valentine's Day!

    Debbie *hugs*

  3. Holli, I love that idea too for the jars with tea bags! Happy Valentine's day to you sweetie!!!!

  4. i love tht shelf! it is so darn cute! i wanna try and find one like tht! lol. i bet your bathroom is gonna look rele cute!!

  5. that box will look good with the mason jars in it...great idea! Love the cubby shelf...I can't wait to see it in your bathroom!

  6. Love the little cubby shelf!! Great idea with the mason jars!!