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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Snow Day?? And Good Mail!

Well all week they have been telling us there is a storm headed our way. So I was supposed to got out of town for work today and cancelled that trip because I didnt want to drive on bad roads..... this morning we listen to the radio...schools are cancelled so as it gets light outside I look out and...NOTHING! No snow,no nothing! Im not sure why they cancelled everything but its now 10:30 here and still no sign of anything. Of course my son wasnt upset at all to stay home from school.

So now I get to fill my day with house cleaning! Id like to do a little crafting but my house is a mess. So the fire is started and here I sit procrastinating and reading all about what all of you are doing! That should be inspiring me to get off my butt! I did read that Donna from One Simple Country girl got her giveaway goodies I mailed...finally! Got to love the postal system! Hope you all have a great day. We are tearing the shower apart tonight so hopefully I will have finished pics of my bathroom soon!

Oops almost forgot....I wanted to mention the button I have on my sidebar. Prim Pals is a site Debbie from Goat Creek is trying to get started.....check it out! We all need a little good mail instead of the normal bills and junk!



  1. Nice surprise though for both of you and the best part no SNOW!!!

    Hope you get to your housecleaning but then again a free day so you should do what you want:)

    Have a great day!

  2. Well... at least you have a day off! :)

    Need to say that the Prim Pals site isn't up and ready quite yet. TJ is still working on the background. Hopefully we will have it up and working in a week. :) I do hope others will want to join in. I think its going to be a lot of fun!

    Take Care Sis!

  3. We always get twitchy when it rains..... BUT you can never be too careful xxx ..... I hate having to help with sandbags for a flooded stream ! x

  4. NO SNOW!!! Amen!!! I can't wait for the nice weather.

  5. Hi Sweetie,
    Just wanted to let you know my boxes arrived also.
    Im going to try to get pictures taken tomorrow and show them off.
    Thanks so much!!
    I love them and I thanks so much for the two surprise gifts also!! :)
    Havew a wonderful weekend,