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Friday, March 12, 2010

Look what followed me home!!

Ok maybe they didnt really follow me....I might have just found them in a cute little prim shop and bought them to bring home!! This is actually alot bigger than it looks. I havent decided where its home will be but I hung it up to take a pic for you. Besides maybe my husband will believe they just followed me!

I was away the first part of this week for work and since I got home we have continued to work on the bathroom. Its down to the finishing touches so I hope to have pics for you sometime this weekend.

The weather here has been nice and starting to warm up. I even saw some of my crocus starting to peek thru! I cant wait for spring to get here. Im tired of the dreary weather.

Hope you have all had a great week! Talk to you again soon.



  1. That is soooo cute..I love Bunnies...Is that Eggs in the Basket too?
    I have a white basket like that and could make something similiar...I'm sure your DH will know that it really did follow you home.
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  2. really cute---I would believe the bunnies followed you--yes, I would....★Linda

  3. I'm sure those cute lil' fellas knew you'd give them a lovely new home and just hopped on after you!

  4. Well you know... one can't leave two little helpless bunnies just sitting there. Dave should know that your an animal lover and will be bringing them home! lol

    Hope your not working too hard. Miss chatting with you.