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Sunday, March 7, 2010

A new Baby!!

Well.... a baby to me! I have fur babies now since my son is 18! This is Chance and he has come to live with us. A friend called me the other day asking if I knew anyone who could take him. She has twin babies and two other kids and a husband who works away a month at a time. And poor Chance just needed more attention that she had left to give! So we brought him to visit Pearse for the weekend to see how things went. I was a little nervous with them both being males. Well as I type this they are already up and playing like crazy! They have done great all weekend so we will be adopting Chance and now have two golden retrievers!
This of course is my boy Pearse sitting on the back step waiting to go for a walk. He is so beautiful and I am so glad he likes Chnce. Pearse is 6 years old and Chance is just a year so he is very active which will be good for Pearse.
And here they are going for a walk....or taking my hubby for a walk! I did go with and take one of them. They actually walked quite well together. So thats what I have done this weekend. Oh...well...and tackle that bathroom again! We are ALMOST ready to take the final pics to show you. The new tub wall goes up today and then I can put back all the shelves and things I had to take down. Have a great day! No walk for me today....Im off to work at the gift shop.


  1. Awww Holli, Chance and Pearse look like the best of friends. How wonderful of you to take him when he needed a home. I think dogs are one of God's best creatures.


  2. WoW! Two Golden Boys how lucky you are! I've been trying to talk hubby into a second one ... I just L♥O♥V♥E♥ them!
    And I am sure they will be BFF for life! Thanks for sharing.

  3. To me they both look as if they are laughing away.... aw...... we have cookies over here loads of them..... think someone has landed on his paws x x x

  4. They are LOVELY... I love goldens.... welcome home to your new furbaby.

  5. It sounds like they will get along really well and congrats on your new "baby"!

  6. What two nice looking guys you have there. I am so glad they are getting along. Sure you don't want a new kitty furbaby? lol

    love ya sis!

  7. They look like they could be brothers! It looks like they will both give you many years of happiness and love.

  8. They both are beautiful!! So glad that they get they will be best buddies now for life.
    Can't wait to see the finished bathroom.