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Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring in my yard!

The days are slightly warmer and the sun is so nice and look what I found!! Yes some crocus peeking thru the old leaves. I had left the leaves over the flower bed to protect them a little but was so excited to see the flowers there this past week!
I also have my yellow lilies starting to come up. I know its hard to tell and probably everyone elses are way yup...but I am way north of most of you! I lovvve spring!!
This past Christmas my hubby gave me these house numbers. He found them in the little prim shop I visit quite often. They are in a frame and you can slide whatever tiles in there that you want. Today I was in to visit them and found this cute bunny one for Easter. He bought me a heart one for Valentines and some winter ones when he gave them to me at Christmas. I thought it was a really cute idea.
I was back to work today and it was such a long day after only getting home from the hockey tournament yesterday. I was glad to get home tonight and sit down to read and post! Now I am off to do a mountain of laundry!


  1. Spring is well on its way! I, like everyone, can't wait. I love the numbers that you hubby bought for you! They are really cute!


  2. Welcome home Holli! I love the lil' bunny of course and how nice to have flowers to welcome you back:)

  3. It's looking like Spring here too. I must say I do enjoy these warmer days. Not ready for the heat of summer though. Love the house number sign. How sweet of your Mr to buy them for you. He must be paying attention! Kudos to him.


  4. We had some warm days, but it is chilly out...No, it's just down right cold!! Don't you just love it when the Spring flowers start poking out. I love your house number sign...Very cute!!