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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Update on the Bathroom Reno!

Remember the ugly flower tub wall?? Well This is what we found when we pulled it off.....scarey!! A hole with no insulation or anything explains the cold drafts in that bathroom.
Then we tore off the old barkerboard to find the vapor barrier didn't even go all the way down! Not to mention the mold,etc!
Here it is with the hole fixed and new vapor barrier and sheetrock. We didnt use the cement backer board that should be used in a bathroom because this whole room will be gutted in a few years and the tub will be replaced with a stand up shower stall as we have an old claw foot tub in the other bathroom. This project was a make-do to keep me happy for the time being! I HATED that bathroom!
Here we are with the wall paper over the old green tileboard....starting to look better!
And shiney new white tub surround! I know the middle panel looks a different color but it really isnt. Very poor lighting in there and trust me it is all a bright CLEAN white and I am so happy with it!We got rid of all the mold and let it dry out good before we put it back together. I hope to add the pics of the cabinets and the rest of the bathroom tomorrow. It is nearing completion and I am glad to have it done!! Just a few finishing touches. I have to paint the little cabinet my mom got for me yet and get it hung up and also we are going to try that roll on granite product on the counter top before we install the new sink.

Hope you are all having a great weekend.



  1. It's lookin' good Holli!!! I remember doing that here too with a new tub surround and we had mold too, can't wait to see your cabinets:!

  2. It's looking great Holli! I can't wait to see your finished pictures.

  3. Its looking good Sis! *hugs* The surround looks like the one here at the farmhouse.. :) Missed you yesterday. Maybe we will have a chance to chat today before or after church.

    Can't wait to see the finished results!

  4. Holli, your bathroom is looking good! Can't wait to see the finished project! It won't be long now!