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Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Harley

I decided I should have a Christmasy blog for at least a week! So I changed the background and added a picture of Harley my cat hiding in a box of ornaments.He loves to get into boxes and hide. As we removed ornaments he investigated every box and eventually fell asleep in this one.

My 6th and final tree is almost complete and I think Im ready as far as shopping and decorating goes. I still have baking to do and I work last day until the New Year I hope!

I went out early this morning with some coupons I got online for free bags of Pedigree dog food. I picked up 4 bags totally free and then donated them to the local animal shelter. While there I of course wanted to bring home every kitten and puppy! I wish I could....breaks my heart to see them all.

I am off to bed after being at the cold rink watching my son play hockey. They won and it was a great game but now its time for momma to hit the hay. I will post some more Christmas pics in the next couple days. Hope you all are having a good weekend.



  1. absolutely adorable pic! My guys all line up in anticipation when we bring down the boxes from the attic..theyre SO disappointed this year i didnt set up our trains, the transformer isnt working :-( That was very thoughtful of you to pick up the food for the shelter..shelters i have volunteered for most definately rely in the kindness of people making donations. Have a wonderful Holiday! Love your blog!

  2. I can't wait to see the pictures of all your decorations. I wish I could do more around here but that would require some major rearranging of all Wendell's stuff! lol

    Since we are both off now, we will be doing cookie detail this week!

    love ya sis!

  3. LOL, looks like Harley is quite content in the ornament box! Love your background, very cute:)

  4. Love the Holiday background...and I must say that Harley is too cute for words!!
    Merry Christmas,