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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Decorating and my giveaway goodies!

I hope everyone is having a great holiday and getting lots of time to rest and spend with family. I have been reading blogs this evening and finally trying to find time to post some pics of my house. This first one is looking from my diningroom towards the front door. You can see my set of three trees from a different angle.
Also in my front to the door and at the foot of my stairs. I love the snow ladt sitting on the chair. Im not sure if you can see her but she is very prim.
This is another tree and is in my diningroom with my favotite Boyd's Santa sitting beside it.

These guys were a Christmas gift from my mom and I LOVE them so much I had to share with you! Two little Santa asleep on top of the tree and the other on top of Santa's sack. The sack is made of a piece of old quilt tea stained and the tree is also tea stained. Arent they adorable?? If you havent guessed I kinda like crows!
Maybe with a few days off I will actually catch up!! I promised to show you the goodies I won in the give away from Under the Wild Cherry Trees. So here they are!! I LOVE the snowman and you will probably notice everything thru out my Christmas pics too! Thank you again Loretta!

Well its almost Midnight here so I am going to bed. I will add a few more pics tomorrow! Have a good night everyone!



  1. Love the goodies that you won!
    And I love your Christmas crows also!! Too adorable!! I have several crows...I kinda like them too. LOL...


  2. Ask mom why I didn't get any crows... :( lol Your home looks wonderful and hopefully someday I will be able to get there and see everything in person. Heck... do you have an extra room? I will come live with you sis!

    Talk to you in the morning,

  3. Hi Holli, you got some wonderful goodies their and everything looks so beautiful!!!