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Monday, December 28, 2009

More Christmas pics!

Well today is December 28 and my birthday! We will keep mt age a secret for the day...hehe! I am just adding a few more pics from Christmas and then thats it for the season. Of course Pearse always makes his way into my pics as he is the love of my life! He is in his chair with a blanket my mom gave him from the humane society.
My husbands passion in Christmas decorating is his Dickens Christmas village. It is a Department 56 collection and Im sure he has thousands of dollars worth now that we have gotten over the years. He spends days getting it up there with every piece placed just so. Very hard to get a pic of....there is even a skating rink with skaters that go around.


And More......

And as you can see its on top of the entertainment case......which is full of my Boyds bears!

This is a pic of my tree....because I have a terrible camera it wouldnt take one with the lights on that was decent. We have over 400 ornaments on the tree....some dated back to the early 1900's that belonged to my husbands great grand parents!

This great star piece I bought before Christmas at a crafters open house. It is made in an old barrel top and I loved it!

My little tree in the turn of my stairs.....

My set of three trees lit up......

And looking thru my french doors....kind of messy there! But I wanted to show you the lanterns we hang from there and the other entrance to the livingroom. The garland I bought and has nice rusty bells on it and berries...again not a great pic!

Hope everyone has a great day....Im off to watch my son play hockey! Happy Birthday to me!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOLLI!!!!!!!! Number 25, right??? That Christmas village is AWESOME! Love the colorful little tree on the stairway too! Hope you enjoy your special day!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to you! Love DH's Christmas village too:)

  3. Happy Birthday Sis! *great big hugs* If you are 25 that makes me 30??? I'll go with it! lol

    The house looks great! Have you check over at Rondell's blog and looked at the pictures of her bathroom? I looked at it and thought of you. :)

    Well I hope Aidan's team does well today and hopefully this evening will be filled with a little birthday fun just for you.

    Love you!

  4. Holli, i'm doing a special december birthday dance for you....oh, if you could only SEE's amazing...short-lived, but amazing! LOL.

    HAPPY birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday Holli!!!

    Love your village...I used to have one, but over the years I changed it to lots of snowman; keeping the trees, fences, lamp-posts, etc... and I call it my snowman village now.
    Everything looks great!! I really love the star piece!!!