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Monday, January 31, 2011

What I have been working on!

I promised a pic of what I was working on after I gave you a sneak peek a bit a go...... well then I forgot to take a pic before I sent it all to my swap partner Jan from Primitive Outhouse! So here is the pic Jan posted on her blog and on Prim Pals forum yesterday. Jan was a great swap partner and I am glad she liked everything!
I stitched and coffee stained the tea towels for her kitchen and since it was a valentines swap I made her some heart shaped bowl fillers and a *love* letter to go with them made from muslin that I coffee stained and baked. of course I had to add other goodies to her package as well!

This week I am really trying to finish up a crow that is long over due to be done! I am finding the balance between work and home hard this year for some reason and I think I spend more time thinking about crafting than I actually do making anything! All of your blogs are full of inspiration and yet I think my *get up and go* must have *got up and left*!!

Weight watchers is still going well except for the exercise part. I cant seem to get that started and I really need to. I have all the tools to work with just cant seem to get er done!

Hope everyone has a happy Monday! Talk to you all soon!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Prim Goodies and Weight Watchers!

Today is a snow day here and even though its nice to have a day off I really needed to work! So Im working at home cleaning and such. I decided to go to the post office which is real close to my house and this is what I found. I was so excited to get home and open the box from Jan @ Primitive Outhouse....she was my swap partner for the Valentines swap at Prim Pals Forum. So I tore into it and look at all the great goodies I got!! I love the doll and the candles smell soooo good! I take horrible pictures but there is a spoon there Jan painted with a heart and crow and Heart shaped measuring spoons and some grubby candles and a wooden crow(I love crows)and yummy candy! I love Reeses! I love everything Jan and thank you so much!
Since I mentioned Reeses I will tell you my success at Weight Watchers last week. I lost 6 pounds! I was very pleased. So I shared my reeses with hubby and I will calculate the points and have one for me when Im feeling like I need a treat. I will be honest I am actually surprised at myself....normally if there was chocolate in the house I would have it gone! Im determined to get this weight off so I need to be conscious of what I am eating for sure. I hope you are all having a good week. Thanks so much for stopping by.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

A to-do project!

Its winter and cold outside so Im trying to convince my husband to finish a project he started LAST spring! This is my upstairs hall after we tore down old plaster and sheetrock that was water damaged and hanging down in places.
You can see by the fan that it was in bad shape from a leaky roof before we bought the place. The roof has long since been repaired but the inside had just been left by the former owners.
Here it is after hubby and I got all the new sheet rock up and added a light down the far end by the bathroom. The hall only had one light at the top of the stairs which made it long and dark.
This picture is right at the top of the stairs where all the damage was. The fan has been taken down to make it easier to work around.
So thats what got done last year along with it being crack filled and the walls are still plaster so we patched and filled cracks there as well. Then it was summer and that project got left so we could go outside and build a fence! So here we are a year needs to be sanded and a little more crack filling so it can be painted. I even have the paint! So today I am making a trip to the hardware store to get a little more mud to fill with and then hubby cant say he doesnt have what he needs to finish it! I am anxious to have a fresh coat of paint on here for spring...nothing has been decorated up here for a year now so its time! No more stalling!

What do you all have planned for the weekend or winter projects?

Oh I cant show you all what I was working on just yet and some of it was for a swap I was doing! I promise to show you soon as it arrives at its destination. Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blue Monday?

I know its tuesday but apparently yesterday was supposed to be the bluest day of the year. Its the day when people realise how much they spent over Christmas and the credit cards come in. Personally I didnt use any credit cards this year but I did spend alot and its a big reality check to add up all those receipts! I wasnt so blue over it but I do understand this time of year getting people down. Seasonal something disorder they call it....I say its just the blahs!! All the decorations are down and all the hoopla is over and its back to the grind for most of us. So do something about it....dont be down or blue! Craft and create....join a club or group. Go to the gym to get off those unwanted pounds. Simply take a walk in the fresh air!
I decided to craft as you can see...the pic is a few of my hidden projects waiting to be finished. I have also decided to join weight watchers. I have long been over weight and it really just has to go. I hope to blog about it or maybe use my facebook to hold myself accountable. Im real good at lying to myself but if its there in black and white its harder!

I hope you all have a great that we have that Blue Monday thing behind us(whew). Im off to work and the Dentist!

Happy Tuesday Ya'll!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Slowly Cleaning Up!

I tried to get all the decorations from Christmas cleaned up this week....but Harley loves this box LOL! I couldnt bear to make him move...he has slept on that box of ornaments so much the top is caving in!

How about all of you? Are you all cleaned up from the holidays? I hate putting it away but I do enjoy how clean it feels after I get it done. We have everything down and Hubby just has a few more boxes to pack up and get in the attic.

This weekend I am finishing up items for my swap over at Prim Pals forum and Edgar Allen the Travelling crow will get finished so he can start his journey! Watch for details on that! I will post here but also at the forum.

We have lots of snow here but the roads are clear so its not bad out at all. Hubby and I may visit a few local antique stores tomorrow if the weather stays good. Then we are having dinner at a friends...a rare occassion for us! We dont go too far from home this time of year and my neighbours all joke if they see me cause they think I hibernate!

I hope you all have a great weekend. Im going down by the fire to craft! Gotta stay warm!

Monday, January 10, 2011

A new Selling Blog!

Isnt this a beautiful candle mat??? My Prim Sister Debbie has re-opened and revamped her selling blog and this is one of her new offerings. Please hop on over and join so you are the first to see all the goodies she adds! The link is Goat Creek Mercantile.

Debbie has been crafting for many years and is a talented painter as well. Inspired by her mom at a young age she is always learning something new and makes the best Salt dough all by hand of her own designs. Many of you may remember the Christmas crow she did and I am pleased to say I donated $20 to the MS society, just as I said I would, so thank you to each of you who purchased a crow! I did add a few extra $$ but it is definately a worthy cause.

Im looking forward to see what else Deb comes up with in the next little while as well....I know she has been very busy these past few days. Check out her blog and join now so you dont miss out!

Thanks so much to all my followers for a great year. I cant believe I have 166 people who read what I ramble about! I do try to use my blog to help support others as well so if anyone wants me to do a post let me know. Hugs to you all.


Friday, January 7, 2011

Out with the Old......

I gotta tell ya Im sorry to see December and 2010 go..... ok maybe only because this was the calendar picture. I love my cowboys and who would want to see this disappear??? Yummy!

But I have January 2011 to look forward to....not a cowboy but still handsom. Okay I'll take it!! In with the New!
This is just a silly post to say Happy New Year. I have been down with the flu so havent posted but I have been reading! Im excited for a year with all my Prim Sistas! Im so looking forward to this year and everything it will bring. The good and the bad...we will handle it because we stick together and support each other.
Im ready to start some more projects in my home and make my hubby finish what he already has started! My goal is to have the front porch on this summer but we will see....thats a pricey project!
Today my only child turns 19...thats legal age here and it scares me a little! Where did all those years go? He is supposed to be still little! Next month I have been blogging for 2 years! Watch for a giveaway....I will try to make it a good one!
Hope you all have a fantastic 2011 and I look forward to lots of fun for all of us.