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Saturday, January 22, 2011

A to-do project!

Its winter and cold outside so Im trying to convince my husband to finish a project he started LAST spring! This is my upstairs hall after we tore down old plaster and sheetrock that was water damaged and hanging down in places.
You can see by the fan that it was in bad shape from a leaky roof before we bought the place. The roof has long since been repaired but the inside had just been left by the former owners.
Here it is after hubby and I got all the new sheet rock up and added a light down the far end by the bathroom. The hall only had one light at the top of the stairs which made it long and dark.
This picture is right at the top of the stairs where all the damage was. The fan has been taken down to make it easier to work around.
So thats what got done last year along with it being crack filled and the walls are still plaster so we patched and filled cracks there as well. Then it was summer and that project got left so we could go outside and build a fence! So here we are a year needs to be sanded and a little more crack filling so it can be painted. I even have the paint! So today I am making a trip to the hardware store to get a little more mud to fill with and then hubby cant say he doesnt have what he needs to finish it! I am anxious to have a fresh coat of paint on here for spring...nothing has been decorated up here for a year now so its time! No more stalling!

What do you all have planned for the weekend or winter projects?

Oh I cant show you all what I was working on just yet and some of it was for a swap I was doing! I promise to show you soon as it arrives at its destination. Happy Saturday!


  1. That looks SOoooo much better Holli and I am totally in LOVE with that header pic, I could get lost in those eyes:)

  2. I guess I know what Dave will be doing. lol Hope you have a good weekend and I can't wait to see those swap goodies!

    love ya Sis!

  3. wooo.. that looks awesome. Bet it feels good :) Have a great weekend!


  4. Looks a lot better and you will have it all done soon right ???
    I am working on quilts for the kids for Christmas 2011 and I don't want to wait until the last min and get stressed out trying to get them done. They are raggy quilts and I have 4 almost finished and all I need is the squares I sent to Gina (from catnap inn) to embroider the names on them to make them extra special. I will post pictures when they are finished.
    Be sure and hop on over to my blog and leave a comment to be entered in my give away :)

  5. Hi Holli.. Good Luck getting everything finished... My husband started redoing the kitchen in November and it is still NOT done.. Oh well, trying not to think about it.. Your hall will look so great...
    Thanks for stopping by lately...Looking forward to seeing you later in the year...
    God Bless...