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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blue Monday?

I know its tuesday but apparently yesterday was supposed to be the bluest day of the year. Its the day when people realise how much they spent over Christmas and the credit cards come in. Personally I didnt use any credit cards this year but I did spend alot and its a big reality check to add up all those receipts! I wasnt so blue over it but I do understand this time of year getting people down. Seasonal something disorder they call it....I say its just the blahs!! All the decorations are down and all the hoopla is over and its back to the grind for most of us. So do something about it....dont be down or blue! Craft and create....join a club or group. Go to the gym to get off those unwanted pounds. Simply take a walk in the fresh air!
I decided to craft as you can see...the pic is a few of my hidden projects waiting to be finished. I have also decided to join weight watchers. I have long been over weight and it really just has to go. I hope to blog about it or maybe use my facebook to hold myself accountable. Im real good at lying to myself but if its there in black and white its harder!

I hope you all have a great that we have that Blue Monday thing behind us(whew). Im off to work and the Dentist!

Happy Tuesday Ya'll!!


  1. Great post Holli. I didn't realize it was blue monday so I wasn't very blue; we didn't overspend for Christmas and I'm happy about that.

    Good luck with WW. I know they have a successful program and I'll be watching your journey to a thinner you.

  2. I did not realize the day had meaning either. I was stressed but not blue and it wasn't due to Christmas spending. Darn long term disability company....

    I am wishing you the best of luck with your new goal. I will be there right beside you cheering you on and hopefully joining you. :)

    Love ya!


  3. It's the worse day of the year because all the credit card companies send out their bills from Christmas... :-)
    Hummmmmmmmmmmmm.... happy days :-) x x x

  4. I like the peek you gave us of what you were crafting...can't wait see pics when they are finished.
    Best Wishes on your journey of weight loss. I lost 46 lbs doing WW on-line and have kept it off for about 2 years. I think you will like their program.

  5. Hi Holli, liked that peek, can't wait to see what you are doing. I have been trying to get some things done too but don't seem to be making much progress.
    Good luck on WW, I am doing it as well. I do it online and also try to go to a meeting when I can, 50 miles away but when I am in town and there is a meeting I go. Look forward to sharing the journey with you.

  6. Holli, I think you'll really like going to weight watcher's. I know I do! I made my goal weight back in 2008, but have gained alot of it back, and so now I have to work at losing the extra weight again.. When I make my goal weight this time, I really hope to be much better at discipling myself, that's for sure! I also look forward to sharing the weight loss journey with you!

    Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting me on my blog and for leaving me a comment. Come by and visit me as often as you'd like..

    Have a great evening..


  7. Holli, I think you have a great plan and I can't wait to see the whole picture of your goodies!! By the way thanks for visiting me. Yeah wasabi and chocolate was kinda weird, especially when you are expecting mint.

  8. Well I like what I see from the peak project you showed us. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  9. I like the idea of craft and create, hehe. We don't own credit cards because we know how easy it is to fall into debt with them. We've gotten along just great without them.

    Cute sneak peek. Best wishes on Weight Watchers. It is nice to have accountability.

  10. Holli, love the sneak peak of projects, can't wait to see them finished. Good luck with works I have done it...TWICE, and its sad but I am going back again! It soooo easy to get it off, just takes willpower to keep it off and that is where I have the