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Monday, January 10, 2011

A new Selling Blog!

Isnt this a beautiful candle mat??? My Prim Sister Debbie has re-opened and revamped her selling blog and this is one of her new offerings. Please hop on over and join so you are the first to see all the goodies she adds! The link is Goat Creek Mercantile.

Debbie has been crafting for many years and is a talented painter as well. Inspired by her mom at a young age she is always learning something new and makes the best Salt dough all by hand of her own designs. Many of you may remember the Christmas crow she did and I am pleased to say I donated $20 to the MS society, just as I said I would, so thank you to each of you who purchased a crow! I did add a few extra $$ but it is definately a worthy cause.

Im looking forward to see what else Deb comes up with in the next little while as well....I know she has been very busy these past few days. Check out her blog and join now so you dont miss out!

Thanks so much to all my followers for a great year. I cant believe I have 166 people who read what I ramble about! I do try to use my blog to help support others as well so if anyone wants me to do a post let me know. Hugs to you all.


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